Mum checks the baby monitor and sees a 'ghost' in her daughter's cot.

A worried mum is (almost) convinced a ghost is visiting her daughter while she sleeps after spotting an unusual shape with two eyes on the baby monitor yesterday afternoon.

It was around 4pm when Rebekah checked the monitor showing her toddler’s cot, two hours after she put her daughter down for a day nap.

Rebekah doesn’t usually check the monitor unless she hears her daughter stirring but something compelled her to have a look yesterday afternoon.

“As I looked closely, I noticed that strange thing in the monitor,” Rebekah told Mamamia. That strange thing was a black shape – the shape of a face – with two shining eyes caught in the camera’s light.

“I had my phone in my hand so I snapped a few pictures before running upstairs to see if she was okay and to see exactly what it was.”

Rebekah saw something unusual when checking the baby monitor in her daughter's room. Image supplied.

Even though the 'figure' only showed on the camera for around 40 seconds, Rebekah believed it must have been one of her daughter's dolls.

"I thought it was her cabbage patch doll, but that wasn't possible as the doll was behind her," Rebekah said.

Rebekah posted the photo of the mysterious face-in-the-monitor to a private parenting Facebook group and the suggestions flooded in.

Was it a cat? There is no cat in residence, as far as Rebekah is aware.

Are you sure it's not a doll? "I've even tried putting a doll in the same position [as the figure] with the same lighting, and the eyes don't reflect."

Ghost stories from a nurse. Post continues below.

What about a plastic milk bottle? One mother had seen a similar image on her baby's monitor. It turned out to be a reflection of light off the curves of a plastic baby's bottle.

Nope. There's no other option: it must be a ghost.

"I'm still unclear as to what it is," Rebekah said. "The scary part is, I had a conversation with a friend a few days prior to this saying I have never experienced anything like seeing a ghost."

Clearly, Rebekah spoke too soon.