This picture was taken in 2014. The little girl in it died 100 years ago.

Kim Davison and her best friend Jessie Lu took their kids swimming at Murphy’s Hole in the Lockyer River, south-east Queensland, Australia.

Normal enough.

They took a photo. And as you do when you’re thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and the kids aren’t crying.


It’s what they saw when they looked at the photo that left them reeling.

The reason? The women in the photo have three children between them.

But there are four children in the photo.


The one in the middle? She doesn’t belong to either of them.

AND, they don’t remember anyone else swimming with them that day.

(Insert Hollywood ghost music here.)


The two friends, obviously petrified, are convinced it’s a ghost. So they posted the picture onto the Toowoomba Ghost Chasers Facebook Page.

That’s when SHIT GOT REAL.

According to a commenter, a girl by the name of Doreen O’Sullivan drowned in that exact place in 1913.

The commenter provided a photo of the death notice, which read: Doreen O’Sullivan, aged 13 years, oldest daughter of Mr. James O’Sullivan, was accidentally drowned while bathing in the Lockyer Creek on Friday afternoon.”

“The spot, which has always been considered dangerous, is known as Murphy’s Hole, and is over 20ft deep.”


We’ve discussed this photo at length in the Mamamia office today and have decided, at this point, to agree to disagree. Some of us believe in the idea of ghost stories. And others? Well, they believe in Photoshop. 

Do you believe in ghosts?