Dad locks himself and his children in the car as they encounter a ghost on a swing.

Almost everybody has a ghost story.

Something that happened in their life that can’t quite be explained by the “normal” way of things.

For me, I thought there was a ghost that inhabited our childhood home. My brother would wake up during the night, by feeling like someone was stroking his hair. Our family would mysteriously find the butter in the middle of the floor and the butter knives scattered around the benches. My mum would be struggling to open a door when the handle would actually twist and spontaneously open for her.


Even though I could tell these stories over and over again to people, they still wouldn’t believe me.

But, this dad has video footage of a very ghostly encounter so no one can doubt him.

Scott Denton was taking his kids to the local playground when a lone swing started moving by itself, as they were getting out of the car.

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As soon as they saw the movement, they bundled back into the car and just watched for a number of minutes as the blue swing swung back and forth.

As the Rhode Island dad points out, there was no wind in the area and none of the other swings were even slightly moving.

“We’re going to the playground and the kids don’t want to go anymore,” Denton said in the video, “because look at this sh*t. This is real. Look at this.

“Look, there’s nobody on it… This has been going on for two minutes. There’s nobody in there right now and this thing’s swinging like crazy.”

Just that blue swing alone.

Since sharing the video, Denton has gone back to the park to inspect the swing. Many people from the area initially commented that the swing was always moving, but as Denton shows, it does have moments of stillness.

“It’s perfectly still…just making this video for all you haters that said it’s always swinging. No strings tied to it.”

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