The buzzy new hair tool that delivers instant volume without the frizz.

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There are some important things about myself that I feel I... need to share. 

1. I am really bad at *doing* my hair. You know what I mean. Generally speaking, I wash it and leave it to air dry, because the most I can do with a blowdryer is add a certain level of frizz — forget about anything resembling a blowout, no matter how hard I try (and I try).

2. I am extremely time poor and like to stay in bed as long as possible in the morning. But I also don't like to go to work with wet hair, so you can see, I'm in a truly impossible situation.

These two not entirely insignificant problems have been irritating me for a large part of my adult life. Because they go hand in hand, you know? I want good hair. GREAT hair, even. But I don't want to wake up early to DO it. Especially when I don't have the skills to make it look like I've done anything than stick my head in the dryer.

But lately, blowdry brushes have caught my attention — specifically, the new ghd duet blowdry. Having a heat styling tool that does it all just seem easier than wrangling a brush AND blowdryer, you know? And could maybe even be faster too, which is something I've definitely been in the market for.

What is the ghd duet blowdry?

Apart frommm... my hair's personal lord and saviour?? (We'll get to that.) 

The duet blowdry is the latest product from those little geniuses over at ghd whose very ~existence~ ensures we can all have good hair, all the flippin' time.

Basically, it's a reinvention of the hairdryer brush, but designed with some seriously clever tech to make sure you end up with no frizz and extra volume — three times more, to get exact.


But what is this magical technology? I hear you cry! And I'm so glad you asked!

The brand-spanking-new ghd duet blowdry is the first tool to use Heat-Air Xchange Technology. The system uses a unique airflow, heated barrel and heated snag-free bristles, to control hair and reduce frizz, without causing any heat damage. Like, zero. Nada.

Isn't she a beauty? Image: Supplied.


But the best bit (well... the other best bit) is that you can use this baby on wet hair. In fact, you're meant to — the newest innovation from ghd can dry, shape and smooth hair, adding three times more volume — and did I mention with no heat damage? I know I did, but I'm doing it again because it's important that you understand.

Basically, ghd's duet blowdry reckons it can effortlessly transform hair from wet to a salon-worthy finish at home. So naturally, because I have trust issues, I had to give it a go to see if it was just blowing hot air (ha! Geddit?? Okay I'll sit down now...).

How did you go with it?

So you know how I told you I'm not good at doing my hair? I went in excited (because I know ghd tends to hold up its end of the bargain when it comes to heat styling tools) but also nervous (because I have a special knack for messing up what should be the easiest things).

I applied some ghd volume forever volumising blow dry cream, because that's a must for any heat styling (even with a tool that won't hurt your hair), I read the instructions, because I'm just that kinda gal, and it all sounded simple enough: Start with tangle-free, towel-dried hair, turn on the duet blowdry and, working from underneath, brush through large sections until mostly dry.


And it was... actually just that simple. Instead of messing around trying to wrangle a blowdryer with one hand, the brush with another and quite masterfully completely missing the back of my head, melting the bristles of my brush as I go (yes, I have literally done this), I made my way around my head, brushing, drying and wow, the ease.

But that's the easy part, right? Anyone can rough dry their hair, right?

Right! That is the whole point! It was EASY and we love easy.


But this tool was promising me I could go from wet hair to a salon-worthy blowout, and my hairdresser would never let me walk out with half-dried hair, so I had to keep going. 

This time around, I had to divide my hair into sections (which even I was capable of doing), and this time, I held the blowdry brush underneath each section for three seconds before brushing through. 

And... wow. 

By the time I had every section dry? Instantly, yes. I should also mention here that I am the flattest-of-hair girlies, so for my limp lock to have this level of oomph? Next level.

Would. You. Look. At. That. Volume. Image: Supplied.


Because practice makes perfect, I used it again the next time I washed my hair a couple of days later and honestly? I think I'm getting the hang of it now. My hair didn't just look nice, it looked... really good. Like, I-can-never-get-my-hair-to-look-like-this-good good.

For context, here's a pic of my hair dried with a ~ReGuLaR bLoWdRyEr~ the weekend before, compared to my hair after a session with the ghd duet blowdry. Doesn't it just look healthier? Softer? Smoother? Better-er?

Regular blow-drying vs the ghd duet blowdry. Image: Supplied.


The verdict.

She's a hard little worker, guys. She gets the job done. 

The biggest takeaway for me was that I can have good hair without all the time and effort. And that is a Very Good Thing. I usually don't bother blow-drying my hair, because it is time consuming, leaves me with frizz, and just overall doesn't look amazing. But I actually want to style it now with the ghd duet blowdry brush.

Plus, as someone with bleached hair, anything I can do to keep it healthy and reduce heat damage is a big win, and this tool checks those boxes.

It made the whole process of drying and styling my hair so much easier and faster, and can I be so bold as to say I reckon my hair legitimately looked better after using it. 

How many other heat styling tools can make a claim like that?

Shop the ghd duet blowdry online, or find your nearest ghd stockist.

Feature Image: Supplied.

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