GOOD NEWS: The ghd Glide straightening brush is back in stock. Here's our review.

UPDATE: The ghd Glide Hot Brush sold out immediately when it was first released in February. Now, it’s back in stock from Monday, August 12 at

Since first reviewing the product earlier this year (keep scrolling for my thoughts), I’ve been using my ghd straightening brush every single day and bloody love it. My verdict: perfect for achieving a smooth and straight, but not flat, everyday hair look.


Tell me you wouldn’t gladly take an extra 10 minutes in bed every morning and I’ll call you a fibber.

Harsh, but true, yeah?

We’re all so busy, running around like headless chooks, no more so than in the mornings getting ready for work or transporting children to where they need to be. Or both.

Most of us have our morning beauty routines fine tuned down to the minute. Splash water on face, smear on foundation, poke yourself in the eye with mascara and run a brush through your hair… if you’re lucky. But things could always be quicker, which is where ghd’s sparkly new hair straightening brush comes in.

This week, the makers of the classic ghd hair straighteners you’ve likely owned at least one of during your life have released the ghd glide hot brush, a hair straightening brush that promises to give you “extra time in bed doing whatever you like”.

World, meet the ghd glide hot brush. Image: Supplied.

The ghd brush is $210 and features ceramic technology that heats up to 185 degrees celcius to make quick work of frizzy, kinked bed hair in minutes. According to ghd's creative director and hair stylist Richard Kavanagh, there's more to the ghd glide than just being a hair brush.

"The ghd glide has an ioniser that emits negative ions, which serve to close the cuticle layer, locking in moisture and creates shine. The design also has two layers of bristles. Longer bristles which aren't heated and serve to de-tangle, you can touch the hot brush without burning yourself, and a compact row of heated bristles which create amazing tension and straighten the hair," he told Mamamia at the ghd glide launch.

The thing about straightening brushes is, some aren't all that... good. So does ghd's hot brush actually work? I gave it a road test on my freshly washed, air-dried hair to find out.

My usual hair routine involves blow drying after washing (I tip my head upside down, and focus the heat on the areas where I have cowlicks), then haphazardly straightening to give a tousled but smooth finish. This makes me a great match for the ghd hot brush because I don't need it to be a full on hair straightener.

The biggest tip stylists gave at the ghd event was to pull the section of hair you're working on straight while running the brush down the length of your hair, rather than simply using it like you would a regular hair brush. This mimics the tension you get when using a hair straightener and allows your hair to get up close to the inner heated bristles. The result was instant, and pretty impressive.

BEFORE: Freshly washed and air-dried hair. Image: Supplied.
this half-and-half is pretty ridiculous, no? Image: Supplied.
Not all of my hair is straight at this point, but it only took two minutes to achieve this result. Image: Supplied.
This is just me loving myself sick after finding a nice selfie wall. Image: Supplied.

If you're someone who wears your hair dead straight, the ghd glide won't get you those results. But the time when the hot brush will really work for its price tag is on the mornings you snooze your alarm three times and need to not be at home in 10 minutes. Think of it as a second day hair styling tool - run it through your hair the day after you painstakingly straightened it to iron out any kinks, or everyday if you're after a natural but polished look.

As far as straightening brushes go, this one is quite lovely. No, it can't straighten your hair like your, well, hair straightener can.

But damn, she's pretty efficient.

The ghd glide hot brush is $210 and available in limited salons and online from Thursday February 7.

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This article was updated in August, 2019 and was originally published in February, 2019.