If you thought one wedding was hard enough, this couple got married 38 times in 83 days.

What to do when you just can’t decide.

Almost every newly engaged couple have faced the dreaded question.

Where exactly should the wedding be?

Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard.

Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard were no different.  They didn’t want to settle on just one location.

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No-sir-ree. Instead, they picked the easier option.

38 weddings in 83 days.

38 weddings in 83 days.

For $3000, Rhiann and Cheetah booked round the world plane tickets, landing in 11 countries, starting with Bogota, Colombia. The couple who met in 2013, plan to travel to every continent, excluding Antarctica (apparently that was too expensive). Already, they have been married in India, Morocco, Kenya, Egypt, Spain and Ireland. For the entire trip, they have promised to wear only white and the same outfits for every ceremony.

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Travelling alone meant that both Rhiann and Cheetah were ordained by the church of Spiritual Humanism online so can perform their own ceremonies. Once they get back from their round the world in (just over) 80 days trip, the couple are planning to motorcycle through the Western U.S. and marry in several national parks.

And for just one ceremony, family and friends are lucky enough to be invited.

The thought of planning one wedding makes most people feel queasy, but Cheetah said that this experience is “exactly what he wanted…to travel the world with my wife and marry her again and again and in so many different ways. That was perfect for me.”

And their spectacular photos make it picture perfect for us, too.

What do you think about their impressive photo album?