The reason you're gaining weight may have nothing to do with food.

Are you losing or gaining weight but you’re not sure why? Do you feel anxious or irritable a lot of the time? Do you feel hot or cold when others are comfortable?

These are some of the symptoms connected to thyroid disorders. If this sounds like you, it could be a good idea to get yourself checked out by a doctor who can prescribe treatment.

If you’re not sure what your thyroid is or does, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  We didn’t know either so we made the video above to tell you all about it.

Thyroid disorders affect 10 times more women than men and we’re more vulnerable to thyroid problems during puberty and our first period, pregnancy, menopause and within the first 6 months after giving birth.

That’s basically our whole lives!

May 23rd to May 29th is International thyroid awareness week. Please share the facts and look out for the women in your life.