The worst things we've said to get out of a date.

We’ve all been on those dates where you can determine within almost a nanosecond that there’s no potential for anything further.

No go, game over, finito.

But while most of us grin and push our way through, there are some who want to cut their losses early and get out of there ASAP. Except some of the lengths people go to according to this Reddit thread are pretty extreme:

1. “Accidentally found myself on a date with a guy from acting class and it turned out to be THE most horrendous social interaction I’ve ever had. So I faked receiving a phone call, came back looking emotionally distraught, told him my grandpa in had had a mini stroke and that I had to leave right away, and then awkwardly scurried away to the car park.”

2. “I just started bleeding and I have to go.”

We've all been there...

3. "Not really a date, but a chick wanted me to come to a weird party with her and I just said, 'Oh sorry, I'm busy that day.' She hadn't actually told me the date yet..."

4. "I told a guy that I was pregnant. I wasn't."

5. "Middle of the date and I'm wracking my brain for a way out. End up saying, 'Hey it's 3:00pm and the specialty supermarket I want to go to closes in an hour. I've got to go shopping.'"

6. "I think I'm in love with you."

7. "My mother is in the hospital and needs me. Then insisted on driving me to the hospital. I was too committed to tell her no so I let her drop me off then I took a taxi home."

8. "'I need to go paint my house.' It was 10:30pm at night."

9. "I asked for nudes knowing it would be a turn off, and if she says yes then I get to see her naked."

"'I need to go paint my house.' It was 10:30pm at night." (Image via iStock)

10. "My probation officer won't let me go."

11. "Told the guy that I am sick, when that didn't work I told him I coughed and sh*t my pants. I just wanted to stay home for the night. He turned out to be a douche."

12. "'My sons just been admitted to hospital...' I don't have any children."

13. "I've had a girl tell me that her friend got in a car accident and was on the way to the hospital so she had to go right then. Only to go to a different bar a few hours later and see her there... Awkward. Tinder, man."

14. "I was on a date with a guy who turned out to be really rude, so I said the first thing that popped into mind which was, 'I have to go, my scoliosis is flaring.' He totally bought it and walked me to my car. Never saw him again."

15. "I'm actually gay, sorry!"

What is the worst thing you have said to get out of a date?

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