Here's the secret to getting your smashed iPhone fixed for free.

I have a smashed iPhone.

I dropped it while trying to take a selfie and now I tap, swipe and text across a spiderweb of broken glass.

The initial breakage was devastating but after realising the phone remained fully operational, I decided to save myself the costs of repair and just roll with it.

But then on Saturday I met a former Apple employee who visibly recoiled at the cracks that swam across my screen.

“You’re not going to fix that?” she said.

Nay. I am not going to fix that as I would rather buy forty gin and tonics with the money saved.

It was then she revealed that a cracked iPhone didn’t need to set you back forty G & Ts – in fact, you could have your phone swapped for a new one without even one dollar crossing your palm.

Source: Getty Images.

I had heard of friends who had entered an Apple store and emerged with their wallets unscathed but they seemed to be the exception not the rule.

The secret was allegedly all to do with who you spoke to on the day and whether they wanted to do you a favour.

"There is nothing that prevents them from simply swapping it over for a new one," she said. "Dress well, get your flirt on and try and pick someone who you think will dig you."

According to this former employee, all you needed to do is find someone in the store who was susceptible to your charms.

There were however some potential dangers to the method.

The first danger came if you gave identifying details by either making an appointment or by offering it to them before you sealed the no-cash deal.

If you give the employee your details and you fail - you won't be able to try your luck at another store as it'll pop up in your account history.

The second danger came if you spent a good thirty minutes trying to flirt with somebody who wasn't interested.

And the third danger came if you spent a good day running between Apple stores because you read that you could do this on a Mamamia article.

The Sydney Apple store. Source: Getty Images.

Testing the theory further, I asked if I should fabricate something especially sexy about how the breakage occurred.

"Should I say I was taking a naked selfie when it happened?" I saucily suggested.

The answer was a polite no.

It seems the truth may be worth sticking to if you're planning on the charm offence - after all, you'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

I'm yet to try my luck with this little tip but if you see a young woman pulling obscenely unattractive faces at the George Street store this weekend, say hi but don't approach.

I might need a clear exit path if things go wrong.

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