Don't sit on public toilet seats? You will after this...


Are you public toilet hoverer? Do you squat over the bowl, making sure to never let it come into contact with your skin? Do you hold in Number 2’s for hours just so you can wait until you get home to use the dunny?

Well, turns out you’ve been straining your thigh muscles in vain.

If the idea of sitting on a public toilet makes you do this:



Then you might want to listen up to this news story from Buzzfeed.

They interviewed, Kelly Reynolds, one of the world’s foremost experts on the spread of germs, and this is what she had to say about public toilet seats:

“There are very few germs that can actually be transmitted from the seat to your skin… The germs you should be worried about are the ones passed along the fecal-oral route, meaning they have to get to your mouth. There’s very few things you can get as a skin infection (from sitting on a public toilet).”


So that’s that. Unless you decide to lick the seat in a public bathroom, you’ll probably be fine.








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