Germanwings co-pilot had 'health problems and nightmares', says ex-girlfriend.

Andreas Lubitz’s ex-girlfriend has revealed what she knows about the apparently unwell pilot, while investigation sources say he was seeking treatment for problems with his eyesight.

Maria W, a 26-year-old flight attendant who once dated Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, has told German newspaper Bild that he was plagued by health problems and nightmares.

He could be ‘sweet’ and would give her flowers from time to time, Maria said, but the pressure at work often got to him.

Andreas Lubitz.

“At night he woke up and screamed, ‘We’re going down’,” she told Bild.

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Maria revealed to Bild that Lubitz once said to her, “One day I’m going to do something that will change the whole system, and everyone will know my name and remember.”

“I never knew what he meant by that but now it makes sense.”

She told Bild that if Lubitz did crash the plane of purpose, it was “because he understood that because of his health problems, his big dream of a job at Lufthansa, of a job as captain and as a long-haul pilot was practically impossible.”

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Maria says she split up with Lubitz because it became “increasingly clear that he had problems”.

German police have found a number of “medicines for the treatment of psychological illness” during a search of Lubitz’s home in Dusseldorf, according to newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

It has been revealed that no psychological testing was required for Germanwings pilots.

Bild Weekly and the New York Times have also cited officials with knowledge of the ongoing investigation, who say Lubitz also sought treatment for problems with his vision, which may have jeopardised his career as a pilot.

The New York Times is reporting that the pilot’s eye sight deterioration might have been psychosomatic, but a spokesperson for Germanwings told The Independent that they could not comment on medical issues at this time.