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Georgina Walker was just five years old when she knew she was different.

When Georgina Walker was just five years old, a disembodied male voice told her that she should name her new doll ‘Carlotta’.

She was sitting on her front verandah by herself, there wasn’t a man in sight.

Georgina learnt that day that she was different.

A few years later, Georgina discovered the power of telepathy when she returned home from Sunday school and realised she had forgotten her key.

“I called out in my mind, over and over ‘Mum come home, mum come home,’ Georgina recalled.

“My parents had just unloaded the car with all their work tools when my mother turned to my father and said ‘Gina is calling us we must go home’.”

John Edward Crossing Over on Meshel Laurie’s Nitty Gritty Committee. 

In the 1970s Georgina and her parents would attend a spiritualist church on Sydney’s Pitt St. One night during a session, where the participants were told to concentrate on a bunch of flowers in the center of the room, Georgina received a message.

“I heard a man’s voice, he said ‘Green, green is the valley where I lie’, then I saw a large grey elephant trample through a colourful garden.”

Two different people approached Georgina’s parents later that evening. One was the woman who had brought the flowers to the group. She said the flowers were to commemorate her husband’s passing. He was a pilot who died when his plane crashed, and he was buried in a green valley in Wales.

The second was a man who told Georgina’s parents that a visiting circus elephant had escaped and trampled his garden.

These days Georgina is a medium and a clairvoyant, and celebrity psychic to the stars. She’s a regular guest on the Kyle and Jackie O Show and she’s known for her directness in her readings

“Psychics are like hairdressers, some are good at cutting, some colouring, and some you would never go back again. I am known in the industry as a direct person, some people do not appreciate directness,” she said.

georgina walker psychic
Georgina Walker was just 5 years old when she heard her first spirit. Image supplied.

"Some people come with expectations of what they want to hear and can be confronted hearing the truth. Some are psychic shoppers addicted to readings with the hope of hearing what they perceive is their future.  They never shoot the weather person on TV, but have no hassles about telling you their opinion," she added.

Georgina's scariest experience with a spirit was when she visited the Maitland Gaol to record a radio segment.

"As I entered the atmosphere was icy cold compared to just outside the door. Then I felt a pressure from behind. Whatever it was held my neck and I felt intense pain in my buttocks. I doubled up in pain and was overcome with sheer fear and a sense of hopelessness. I started to vomit and choke," she said.

"Rushing past the radio crew, looking for an escape, I had to make my way down the stairs and exit to fresh air. I still couldn’t throw the ghostly presence away. I lit the large sage stick I had in my protection kit and circled it around my body from soles of feet to above my head. It was then I felt a calmness and clarity and peace once again."

Georgina was later told that she had just entered the death cell of Charles Hines, who was hanged in 1897 for raping his stepdaughter.

Over the course of her career, Georgina has learnt to protect herself and to 'switch off' her psychic powers when she needs a break.

"There was a time in my life I was constantly being woken up by spirits. They wanted to play, they wanted to talk to me – I soon learnt we have the power to switch their intentions off and ask for a good nights sleep. You can command them to come and go."

Georgina loves her work, but admits it can be draining.

"Not all family members want a psychic in their lives and they can pull back. Energetically it can be exhausting."

You can visit Georgina Walker's website here. She's also running a workshop on how to activate your sixth sense on Saturday 11th March, which you can read more about here