The huge difference between Georgia Love's kiss with Courtney and her kiss with Cam.

When Georgia kissed Fireman Cam last week on The Bachelorette, our reaction went something like this:

HOMG YAS GIRL! Image via Giphy.

It was... sexy. It was a sexy kiss. It was intimate and he was holding her hand and he had his other hand behind her neck and then they did a little nose snuggle thing at the end and he kissed her on the forehead and uhhhhhhhggggg it made us feel things that were highly inappropriate for 8pm on a school night.

You can watch it here. Sorry, I'll rephrase that. You need to watch it here. Post continues after video. 

Video via Channel 10

Cam had been so nervous about the date and it was as though all that tension eased once he started kissing Georgia. He likes her. And she likes him. It turns out that when you get two people who are highly attracted to each other, one who's a sexy fireman, and put them on a date with puppies, the kiss that follows is easily the hottest of the season.


But then last night, Georgia had another intense kiss. This time with Courtney.

We have mixed feelings about Courtney. On the one hand, he made Georgia a pasta bracelet and used to work in childcare. But on the other, he's given potential time with Georgia away to his mates, and deliberately threw last week's challenge. We're confused - and so is Georgia.

JUST TELL ME IF YOU FKN LIKE ME. Image via Channel 10.

So last night, she took him to a quiet room, literally surrounded by lions, and asked him how he felt about her.

She completely opened up, saying she likes him and can see him in her life. "I just want to know if that's reciprocated, basically," she said nervously, receiving this awkward stare in return.

Imma keep you hangin'. Image via Channel 10.

But then he smiled, looked her in the eye, and kissed her.

Uhhhhhhhggggg. It was another good one. He put his hand on her face and she was so happy. He looked her straight in the eye afterwards and smiled. It was more sweet than sexy, but GOD there's just something about his goddamn face. He's bloody gorgeous.

He has such a strong profile. Image via Channel 10.

I do, however, have an issue with The Courtney Kiss.

She asked him a question. And I'm not so sure that a kiss is an answer. In theory, it's super romantic for someone to kiss you and say, "does that answer your question?"  but moments later, you're back to thinking, "wait...not really."

People kiss people all the time. Albeit, rarely as well as Courtney did.

I'M JUST NOT SURE WHAT HIS DEAL IS. Does he like her as much as we do?! Why does he seem to always want to offload his dates to the closest person? Is he too... cool for this? He made Georgia sad only last week and we're very protective of our polyamorous feminist idol.


We have a theory he's the type of person to get to the end of the show, and be like: "Ohh, tbh, I'm just not really looking for a relationship."

"I didn't mean to lead you on..."Image via Giphy.

But at the same time, HE'S SO DAMN LIKEABLE.

Later, he told Georgia, "I get a really good feeling when I'm around you, because you do just make me laugh and I do feel very comfortable around you.

"That's why I kissed you, because I did feel like it was right. I'm enjoying just knowing more about you, and showing you more about me. And I feel like we have such a great connection, and a lot more to find out about one another."

ARGHHH we can't make our minds up about you Courtney.

Personally, I think Courtney's kiss looked like something straight out of a rom com, whereas Cam's seemed more authentic. Yes, I really am analysing the quality of hook-ups on The Bachelorette - someone give me a Walkley.

In all seriousness, we're sleeping with one eye open when it comes to Courtney. He could be the perfect guy for Georgia, but if he breaks her heart, he'll have all of Australia to answer to.