Georgia Love and Sam Frost have publicly slammed Donald Trump.

Attending the Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Awards on Thursday, Georgia Love and Sam Frost used their platform to make a political statement.

In her first public appearance since the passing of her mother, Love acknowledged what was likely on the minds of most of her audience.

“It’s truly an honour to be here today,” she started.

“I think it’s especially poignant less than 24 hours after finding out that the new leader of the free world is a sexist, for women to be here and getting behind other women.”

She then shared a deeply personal reason why she felt so affected by Trump’s election.

“For me personally, less than two weeks ago I lost the most influential woman in my life, who is my mum,” she said.

My heart is utterly broken. 7 weeks ago we were sipping cocktails in Italy. 7 months ago you weren’t even sick. How is it possible you’re no longer here? Mum, you were my first friend and my best friend, my rock, the one who knew me better than anyone in the world and who supported and backed me through every single thing I did. You were the one I went to for advice, the one I shared every story with and the one who was always there to pick me up. There is so much more I need and want to share with you. I have no idea how to even begin to say goodbye. I love you, Mum, and will continue to every single day. “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.”

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Having someone like Trump voted into such a position of power, despite his track record of blatant disrespect towards women, is indeed incredibly disheartening. It feels like a particularly difficult time to be a woman.

Sam Frost, who won the award for Best Radio Presenter of the Year, also commented on the US election.


“Today I woke up feeling quite deflated as a female,” she said.

“For Trump to win as the President of the free world, as someone who is a sexist and treats women like absolute shit – let’s be honest – it was heartbreaking to know that so many people in the world could vote for someone with such horrendous thoughts about women.

“But to be in this room with so many talented and intelligent and inspiring and incredible women has restored my faith in everyone in society and I just hope that we can band together and continue to fight hard.”

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard also attended the event, as well as Delta Goodrem, Samantha Armytage, Edwina Bartholemew and Samantha Harris.

It’s reaffirming that even at an incredibly disheartening time, Australian women are making us proud.

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