Georgia Love shares the beautiful way Lee Elliott has supported her since her mum's death.

What should have been one of the happiest moments of Georgia Love‘s life – announcing her post-Bachelorette relationship with contestant Lee Elliott last month – was darkened by a black cloud, her mother’s terminal pancreatic cancer.

Fate would have it that within 24 hours of the finale airing and the pair going public, Georgia’s mother Belinda, aged 60, would lose her seven-month-long battle, and pass away surrounded by family.

It was, and is, an immeasurably difficult time for the 28-year-old former newsreader, who described herself on Thursday as “a puddle on the floor”. However, in her pain, she’s found Lee, a 35-year-old mechanical plumber, to be an incredible source of support.

“Lee’s been amazingly supportive, which nobody going into this would have wanted, to come out the other end of it to come and have to deal with all of this,” Georgia told The Telegraph of her new partner.

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While the last two weeks haven’t been easy, the soon-to-be Studio 10 panelist admires her boyfriend for his unwavering love.

“The way he’s absolutely picked me up, we’ve canceled so many media events that we were meant to have,” she continued.


“He’s taken it on the chin and he’s been there for me, he’s been driving me around and picking me up out of bed when he needs to. He’s just been fantastic, I can’t imagine anyone who would’ve been half as supportive as him.”

Just a day before her mother died, Georgia told her 114,000 Instagram followers just how appreciative of Lee she is.

“A small solace I can find in this extremely difficult time is that I have this amazing man by my side and for that I feel so lucky,” she wrote beside a photo of the pair. “He’s been so incredibly supportive and loving and managed to make me smile and laugh every day despite everything else.”

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Lee too has expressed his adoration, writing on Instagram: “[This experience] has only reiterated just how much I absolutely want to be there for you and be your rock as you have been mine today and always!”

Georgia Love has been announced as an ambassador of PanCare, Australia’s leading research and support foundation for sufferers of Pancreatic Cancer. You can donate to PanCare here.

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