The style lesson we can all learn from Georgia Love in The Bachelorette.

If there is one thing Georgia Love loves more than Lee Elliott, it has to be an off the shoulder top.

An incredibly popular trend this season, it’s a summer-y style that can feel both fancy and casual by showing off the new erogenous zone – the shoulders.

If you don’t own one yourself, you’ve likely considered it or at least seen multiple out and about.

Love took it to the next level. (We look back on every single off the shoulder top she’s worn. Post continues after gallery.)


It was a white one for her appearance on The Project. Image: Channel 10

From her very first promo photo for The Bachelorette where she was pictured in a red Yeojin Bae off the shoulder dress, we should have seen it coming.

Throughout the 12 episode season, we counted at least 12 off the shoulder tops – including four in the last two episodes alone.

Yep, that’s an average of one every single episode.

Georgia Love and her off the shoulder tops 1

We know what you're doing, Love. Image: Channel 10

While there were a few different versions - some frillier than others - there were a couple that looked identical but in different colours with a flat-against-the-chest neckline and ruching at the side or top.

Watch: The moment Georgia picks Lee. Post continues after video.

Her penchant for baring her shoulders in tops during piece to cameras and dates didn't go unnoticed by viewers.

Her style preference has even been made into a (rather hilarious) meme.

But far from a joke, Love is actually delivering a very important style lesson.

When you find something you love or that suits you, don't just buy one.

Buy multiple. Buy a couple. Hell, even do what Love evidently did and buy 12 in every colour you can find.

Everyone knows it's quite a rare thing to go shopping and bring home something that fits, flatters AND makes you feel good. And of course, you can never find that special thing when you're actually looking for it or need it.


Another. Image: Channel 10

So when you do see or try something on that gives you that sparkly feeling and you can truly see yourself wearing it for the next few years, hold on to it - and grab the rest of your size on the rack too.

Of course, this motto usually refers to more classic pieces rather than the off-the-shoulder top which could very well be a one season wonder - more of a statement piece rather than a wardrobe staple.

But the great thing about style rules is that they're made to be broken.

And if Love can wear the same off the shoulder style and even same top multiple times on national television, you can style-and-outfit-repeat too.

Image: Channel 10

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