Georgia Love shares her career plans after she's finished The Bachelorette.

When Georgia Love says she sacrificed a lot to become The Bachelorette, she means it.

The 27-year-old has spoken candidly about the realities of her journalism career, telling Confidential she doesn’t see herself returning to news reading after the reality TV show.

“I have got my head on my shoulders and I certainly know that may not be a possibility for me again,” the former WIN Hobart presenter told Nova radio hosts on Sunday night.

Pursuing love and becoming a well-known personality on national TV is to the detriment of her professional persona, Victorian-born Georgia says.

"I certainly know that may not be a possibility for me again.” (Image: Channel 10/The Bachelorette)

“Being a news reader and a news reporter is all about not having emotions and not having opinions and just being a face and a presenter telling the story," she said.

"So I understand that now I have gone out there and completely shown my emotions and my personal story, that actually takes away from that role of unbiased news reporter or presenter."

While the likelihood of Georgia appearing behind a newsdesk is slim, she is hopeful other opportunities will arise.

“I’m not under any false pretenses that it is just going to be stepping back into a job like that but I am hopeful that I will find something that I love just as much,” she said.

“My focus in doing this has been to find love and it is still very much that. It is not like we finished filming and I’ll move on to the next thing. I’m certainly thinking about what my options are and hoping to get back into the workforce. I am still an independent person who wants to make my own money.”


"I am still an independent person who wants to make my own money.” (Image: Channel 10/The Bachelorette)

After two episodes of the hit reality show, Georgia has received an outpouring of love from Australian viewers, many praising her injection of humor and intelligence into an otherwise tiring format.

"The total breath of fresh air the franchise needed," one comment on the show's Facebook page reads.

"Its so much better when ALL [involved] are new so they and the viewers start the journey fresh and wide-eyed and we evolve together through the series. Bravo Network 10."

Another fan wrote: "Her parents must be so proud. What a well balanced, delightful young woman. [She is] the whole package."

Whatever happens with her relationships on the show, we wouldn't mind betting we see more of Georgia Love on the Studio 10 or Project panel in the years to come.

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