Why we're all cheering for Georgia Love today.

When The Bachelorette‘s Georgia Love announced she had given up her career as a newsreader in order to find a man on national television, we were a little concerned.

It’s… it’s 2016. No one needs to be quitting anything to be in a relationship.

But as we got to know the 28-year-old on our screens, it became obvious she wasn’t ditzy, or unambitious, or one-dimensional. In fact, she was the complete opposite.

Georgia Love was easily one of the most articulate, interesting women I’ve seen on reality television in a long time. She stood up for herself, she demanded to be treated well, she literally made men write her love letters, she was funny, and she remained composed even when one contestant fake-broke his arm and told her no one liked her.

Then he fell asleep... seriously?! Image via Channel 10.

And then tragedy struck.

The week of The Bachelorette finale, Love's mother Belinda was admitted to palliative care for advanced pancreatic cancer. Just days after Love made her relationship with Lee Elliott public, her mother passed away.


Belinda Love had been sick for just six months, and was only 60 years old. It was an event that reminded us all that behind the highly edited reality TV personalities we see, these are real people with real struggles and real lives.

It's incredibly hard to stay positive and motivated in the midst of such a loss. It's painful and unfair and can make you feel hopeless. I can only imagine having invasive paparazzi at Belinda Love's funeral, and having factually incorrect stories published about her, added a completely unnecessary layer of stress.

It's been a tumultuous year for Georgia Love, and that's why we're cheering for her.

Georgia and Lee. Image via Instagram.

On Monday morning, Fairfax Media reported Love will co-host Christmas episodes of Studio 10, during the non-ratings period. A Ten spokesperson said the journalist was just "filling in," but others are convinced this will lead to a permanent presenting job.

Regardless of whether Love lands a long-term gig, we're cheering for a number of reasons.

We're cheering because the talented former newsreader for WIN Hobart hasn't given up her career. Not by a long shot. If anything, The Bachelorette has propelled her from a regional newsreader to a presenter on a commercial network in less than six months.

We're cheering because she's still pursuing her career after finding love - because to abandon it altogether would be ridiculous. Her career is clearly not only important, but is a priority.

We're cheering because Love has shown resilience in the face of one of the toughest challenges life throws at us.

We're cheering because she's keeping it together, and thriving. And no doubt, that's exactly what her mother Belinda would have wanted for her.

Listen to our finale episode of Bach Chat.

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