Bachelorette fans have already come up with Georgia Love's one strange "flaw".

You can take the girl out of the newsreader chair but you can’t take the newsreader out of the girl.

Bachelorette Georgia Love has received her first sprinkle of criticism and it’s not about anything she wore.


Instead fans have focused on her words — not what she’s saying but how she’s saying it.

“Georgia is great but her newsreader voice is in full swing and I can’t tell if I’m watching the #BacheloretteAU or the @abcnews,” one fan tweeted.

“The rose is showcasing Georgia’s newsreader voice,” another fan tweeted.

If she becomes a presenter can this be her co-star? Image via Instagram.

The newsreader tone is difficult to learn so it would make sense if Love was having trouble shifting out of it during The Bachelorette recordings.

One fan noted how the reporting side of Love is coming out during dates.

Another expressed her concern it might continue throughout the season.

"Oh god is she going to talk like a newsreader the whole season?" They said.

Yah. I hope so because her perfectly enunciated words are saving me turning on captions.

Sorry not sorry.

NEWSREADER LOVE FOREVER. She speaks better than most of Australia.

Love the Bachelorette so much you just have to talk about it? Us too.