The sneaky way Bachelorette Georgia hints to the boys they're next to go home.

When Clancy Ryan was eliminated from The Bachelorette on Thursday night’s episode, the 29-year-old hardly seemed surprised.

"I shaved my beard." Image via Channel 10.

In fact, very few of the contestants on this season seem to be shocked when they're the last person standing without a rose.

And when we asked Clancy whether he had expected to go home, he indicated how he knew his time was probably up.

"You can never really know where you stand," he told Mamamia. "And the previous day was that group date where I absolutely cooked it."

Indeed, Clancy really did 'cook' the date, completely failing to make a good impression via an ear piece to a random old man. It was... it was a weird date.

The men had to communicate with old men through an earpiece in order to speak to Georgia. Because...obviously. Image via Channel 10.

"And then after that she sort of gave everyone, like when that date wrapped up, she gave everyone a bit of a hug," he continued. "She’s a bit of a long hugger, and she gave everyone these very long hugs, and then it came to me and she pretty much gave me a high five on the way out and went back to the bus."

Oh. Oh yeah, no that doesn't sound good.

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"And I was like ‘ohh okay I don’t think that went that well,’ and Matty had a rose back at the house. So I knew I was on the chopping block and I guess I was pretty correct in thinking that."

So, it turns out the clue to finding out who Georgia Love is going to send home next might lie in her hugs, or more specifically, the length of her hugs.

We'll be watching very closely from now on.