Literally just all of Georgia Love's glorious Coachella outfits.

It is no secret that Coachella fashion is always eye-catching. But while many look to the fixtures of the fashion world (ahem, Beyonce. We’re talking about Beyonce) for their festival fashion inspiration, there is one Aussie style icon who is killing it.

Georgia Love.

In the past 24 hours, Love’s Instagram account has been home to not one, but three seriously cool festival outfits.

Let’s take it from the top.

Outfit 1: For day one of Coachella, Georgia Love wore a floor-length lace jacket (?) with high-waisted shorts, a black bodysuit, black boots and sunglasses. (You know an outfit is cool when you’re actually not sure what that floor length lace thingy is called.)

Outfit 2: A personal favourite of mine in 2018 Coachella fashion is Love’s red Alice McCall jumpsuit ensemble for day two. The former bachelorette paired a red jumpsuit embellished with splashes of gold with some basic Superga white sneakers, simple black sunglasses and a black over the shoulder bag.


Outfit 3: Day three of the festival calls for a Coachella staple: A FLORAL HEADBAND. On her Instagram story, Love wore a stunning red and white headband (complete with a butterfly) with some statement earrings, some sparkly face art, and a black lacey top.

Which of the three is your favourite outfit?