The ratings for Georgia Love's season of The Bachelorette are in, and we're a little shocked.

Australia, I have a bone to pick with you: Why are you not watching this season of The Bachelorette?

The ratings for Georgia Love‘s season have been consistently lower than Richie Strahan‘s season of The Bachelor, and I want to know why.

A mediocre 655,000 tuned into the premiere Bachelorette episode. Meanwhile, a staggering 882,000 watched Richie hand Alex that fateful white rose in late July.

Confusingly, the same trend has followed for episodes two and three. On Wednesday night, numbers slipped to 570,000, making The Bachelorette place 14th in the overall ratings.

As someone who has watched every episode of both seasons (and written 29529739 articles about them), let me share this undeniable fact with you: Georgia’s season is exponentially better than Richie’s.

I know that’s a piece of qualitative, unmeasurable information that shouldn’t in any way be considered an “undeniable fact”, but I stand by it.

I hear ya, galfrand. (Image: Channel 10)

I went into this season of The Bachelorette with incredible doubt. From the promos, I was concerned Georgia, an experienced journalist and news anchor, would be overly professional and slightly stilted.


I was wrong.

She is one of the most entertaining personalities we've seen on the show. Sure, she's eloquent and intelligent and she's got her head screwed on, but above all she's WITTY. She even fell down a flight of stairs in the first episode and if that didn't make you love her then you and I can't be friends.

What's better, the conversations between the 27-year-old and her prospective boyfriends aren't just about "looking stunning" or "feeling a connection" or "the journey", they're real and they're refreshing. I've giggled more at one episode than I did at Richie's entire season.

As a die-hard Bach fan, I was shocked to see the Australian public haven't given Georgia more of a shot.

And if none of that is enough to convince you, I'm just gonna leave this photo here:


Seriously. Look at those men in their adorable, sexy eyes and tell me you're disinterested. TELL ME.

Just watch it, and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.