Georgia Love is the poster girl for every woman who's been questioned about her baby plans.

Last night, Georgia Love met the families of her top four bachelors. As always, there were bizarre family members, awkward moments (Georgia WHY did you have to get stuck in a plant), and a bloody cute grandma.

But one thing in particular bothered me about Georgia’s conversations with her potential in-laws: all the talk about babies.

When she met Matty J’s family, she was literally handed a baby as soon as she walked in the door. Granted, he was particularly cute, but it seemed like before anyone had even opened their mouths, little George was giving Georgia a very impassioned message.

"Why you no have kids? Look how cute I is." Image via Channel 10.

George, please.

But when Matty's sister Kate took Georgia for a "little chat," she genuinely didn't hold back from grilling the 28-year-old journalist.

Kate asked if Georgia wanted kids and when she'd want to have them, and when Georgia confidently stated that kids aren't really in her immediate plans, Kate asked whether she'd be "willing to compromise on that," because "Matty's really eager."

Um, no.

No. I don't think Georgia's willing to plan her future family around you, Kate.

Essentially, Kate does this:

HURRY. UP. Image via Giphy.

For some reason, it seems normal at first. But that's only because if you're a woman who's been in any semi-serious relationship for any length of time, the talk of starting a family has inevitably come up.

Do you want kids? If not, you will! You just wait! Are you clucky? You seem clucky! Oh no, give it a few months and you'll be expecting! How many do you want to have? Two? Three? Ten? Do you want a boy or a girl? How many of each? What names do you have in mind? Oh, you're lucky you work in that industry, it's great for maternity leave. What school will they go to? Public or private? Will they play piano? Rugby? Netball? WHAT TIME WILL THEY GO TO BED YOU'RE ALREADY LATE.

From Kate's eagerness, it appeared she wanted to give George cousins who are of a similar age (that's...that's not a thing you get to plan). Georgia joked, "well, I didn't have cousins my age and I turned out okay!" and Kate legitimately mumbles "...we'll see."

"Did you turn out okay? I mean...did you?"Image via Channel 10.

And it doesn't stop there.

Georgia is also interrogated by Lee's 85-year-old  grandmother, who slightly redeems herself by being the biggest fan of this whole dating-four-men-at-once scenario we've ever seen.

Nonetheless, Lee warns Georgia that it's his grandma's "dying wish" to have great grandchildren, and the sassy lady directly questions Georgia at the dinner table.

When Georgia explains that two of her close friends have had babies in recent weeks, but that she's not ready, grandma insists that once she sees those babies, she'll want a family of her own.


"Hush now, and listen to grandma." Image via Channel 10.

For at least two of the home visits, it felt like Georgia was seen as nothing more than a big set of ovaries. A baby making machine. A walking womb.

"We're just going to cut you open, and take the baby making parts." Image via Channel 10.

It seems as though no one can quite comprehend that a woman in her late 20s is interested in finding love, in and of itself. Not so she can have babies - just because she wants a companion.

When Mamamia asked Georgia Love what she thought about the families' questions, she had this to say:

"As a 28-year-old female, unfortunately that’s something you get asked a lot of the time, which I think is ridiculous. It’s absolutely somebody’s choice when they want to have a child, IF they want to have a child at all.

"I know that that’s something that a lot of parents and grandparents want for their children, so I wasn’t surprised that those questions came up on the hometown dates. I’m glad that I was able to honestly say to them, ‘I’m not ready for kids yet’, because I’m an honest person and I didn’t want to be going in there saying, ‘yes I’ll be giving your son kids in the next year’ because, I don’t want to."

Always the diplomat, she didn't seem to personally have an issue with being interrogated about baby-making.

Georgia, last night you were all of us when questioned about when we'll finally make use of our lady parts. It's f*cked up, it's just straight up not okay, and most of all, it's no one else's business.