We’ve been gifted the hottest kiss in The Bachelorette history and we can’t stop watching.

Video via Channel 10

We’re not even going to ask if you saw the sexiest moment in the entire history of television on The Bachelorette last night, because OF COURSE YOU DID.

To be completely honest with you, just by watching it, you’re probably pregnant. It was THAT SEXY. #SorryNotSorry.

Check out the latest episode of Bach Chat:

And no, despite what you may well be thinking, it wasn’t seeing this bunch of oily lads having a wrestle:

Advertisement No words. Image via Channel 10.

It was in fact THIS:

Oh. Oh my. Image via Channel 10.


After a date that involved being mauled by vicious adorable puppies, Cam and Georgia firmly cemented that they are the perfect couple by kissing for what felt like 26 hours on national television.

But don't take our word for it, #MagicalSexKiss was trending on Twitter within seconds of the kiss going to air. Okay, that's a lie, BUT, many Aussie viewers were definitely on board with Cam's transition from friend zone to LOVE ZONE.

Twitter agrees so it must be a fact: Cam is the best kisser in the entire Bachelorette mansion.

(Sorry, Lee. You had a donkey and you kissed on a beach - but did you do AN ADORABLE NOSE SNUGGLE AT THE END?)

THEIR NOSES ARE KISSING, TOO. Image via Channel 10.

No. No you did not.

If you need any more proof, even Georgia knows that the kiss was probably a little too sexy for our Thursday night viewing.

"Yeah, sorry, that was pretty NSFW". Image via Channel 10.

See the men who unfortunately have to deal with knowing their kissing skills will never match up to Cam's.