The Bachelorette's Georgia and Lee admit they broke the law in order to see each other after filming.

We are well-versed in the lengths The Bachelor and The Bachelorette contestants will go to to catch up once filming has ended.

Former contestants have admitted using fake names, disguises and decoy cars in order to meet up with their chosen one amongst the legions of paparazzi hot on their loved-up heels.

But rarely, or ever, do our Bachelorette favourites admit they actually broke the law in order to see each other before the finale had aired.

Unfortunately, for our latest favourites Georgia Love and Lee Elliott, the duo accidentally revealed their favourite way to see each other also involved committing a federal criminal offence punishable by up to a year in prison.

In an interview withe The Daily Telegraph, the duo admitted they both flew under false names to deter paparazzo and hawk-eyed fans desperate to spoil the finale.

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Lee admitted he used the name Michael Cameron when flying, while Georgia used a very Titanic-esque name in Rose DeWitt for her own flights.

The couple admitted it was just one small part of a more elaborate secrecy plan to keep the show’s result under wraps.

“As long as you don’t check any luggage in, you’re fine. You check in online,” Lee told the paper.

“His fake name for the first flight was Michael Cameron, so that’s his fake name in my phone. It’s not even, like, a cute nickname,” Georgia added.