"As a mother of a victim of child abuse today has been exceptionally disturbing."

As a mother…

As a mother of a victim of child abuse today has been exceptionally disturbing. Our situation saw the charges dropped 24 hours before court because my daughter was only three and they thought she was unreliable. Never mind the fact she had to be police interviewed, dragged through counselling sessions and court prepared. The system is a failure…

As a mother of a gorgeous little girl I always joked about my husband lining up at the door with a shotgun when she was older. Now I had the real fear he was going to use one. There was support provided to us as parents but realistically nothing can help you when someone else has taken something so great from your family. The system is a failure…

george pell sentence
"The system is a failure……"Image via ABC.

As a mother who went to court to hear the other charges be read and our offender be sentenced, nothing can be harder. The comments today that it took too long to get to the verdict, imagine sitting there and this was your real situation. Imagine hearing that they have been a good member of society, that they have failing health, that in fact there is some plausible reason for why this occurred. The system is a failure…


As a mother who heard a verdict that was in no way fair, meaningful or even just, today confirmed how unbearable it is. We are told from the beginning that we are brave, that this is what our systems are here for. It’s simply not true. The system is a failure...

As a mother who just recently got the news that their offender will be released early, the system continues to fail. I have had to enact protection orders, to ensure we don’t bump into him somewhere. I question daily why it is my family that is treated like a criminal when he walks around now, identity protected. The system is a failure…

As a mother who has seen her family endure more than should be possible, I take heart in the support of family and friends. I know my daughter is surrounded by people who love her unconditionally, who have helped shape her into an incredible little person who has not let something terrible defeat her. The system is a failure but good people, my family and most importantly my daughter are not.

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If you have experienced sexual assault and are in need of support, please call 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732. Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also contact Bravehearts for counselling and support for survivors of sexual abuse on 1800 272 831, Lifeline for 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention, or, if you’re the partner of a person who has experienced sexual assault, you can contact PartnerSPEAK on (03) 9018 7872 for peer support for non-offending partners.