George Clooney owes Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfieffer $140,000.

George Clooney is about to lose a couple of big, fat bets.

By our calculations, the minute George says “I do” to marrying Amal Alamuddin (in a few weeks, in Italy), he owes Nicole Kidman $40,000 and Michelle Pfieffer $100,000.

Bear with us. There’s maths involved. But this is good.

One probably drunken Hollywood night, Nicole Kidman bet George $10,000 that he would get married (for the second time) by the age of 40.

By the time he turned 40 in 2001 (that makes him 53 now), George was still a bachelor. Which means that Nicole owed him $10,000.

Still with us? It’s very confusing. There’s so much fame and maths.

On George’s birthday, Nicole dutifully sent him a cheque for US$10,000.

With his typical sexy arrogance, George sent the cheque back with a note that said “Double-or-nothing” for the next ten years. Meaning if he still wasn’t married in another ten years, Nicole would have to pay up double.

George’s 50th birthday came and went, and the still-single man increased the bet – double or nothing every decade.


George made an even bigger bet with Michelle Pfeiffer. By the sounds of it, the bet started at $100 and blew up to $100,000. And the stakes were bigger: George bet Michelle that he would NEVER get married.


If you have been reading any of the internet recently, you will know George is just weeks away from marrying his incredible fiancée Amal Alamuddin.

By our calculations, he owes Nicole $40,000 and Michelle $100,000.

40,000 + 100,000 = $140,000.

Which is the cost of maybe five normal-people weddings.

Let’s hope there’s a column in the George Clooney- Amal Alamuddin wedding budget called ‘Bets That George Has Now Lost And Has To Pay’.

But in losing these bets to extremely famous women, George wins the heart of a very excellent one. Amal is a human rights lawyer and all-round brilliant person.

Here is the couple appearing on the red carpet for the first time. 

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