George Clooney in Downton Abbey looks like a slightly more dapper version of George Clooney.




When you’re George Clooney, it’s hard not to be suave all the time.

He wakes up suave.

He puts on suave deodorant.

He eats suave porridge.

He suaves his way to suave work and suaves.

And now, he’s looking extra suave in a sketch for British period drama Downton Abbey. The sketch is for ITV network’s Christmas fundraiser called ‘Text Santa’, and will air later this month. But we have a teaser.

In this teaser, George does not talk. He does not laugh. He does not sell a pod of Nespresso.

He merely turns around.

But if anyone can make two seconds of turning around look suave, it’s George.

More George. Much suave.




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