GENIUS: turn a $2 spice rack into book shelves

Mia writes: Louise Bell is my design and interiors guru. Has been since we first started working together in magazines 15 years ago. We’ve both moved on now and Louise has her own online homewares store called Table Tonic and a matching blog which you should bookmark immediately.

A few weeks ago, she shared with us the before/after photos of her home renovation which are SO PERVY I can barely stand it. You agreed – it was a hugely popular post. We’re going to be publish some of her wisdom here on MM. Like this genius idea which you’ll want to steal as soon as possible, whether you have kids or not. Louise writes…..

It’s a well know fact that I love blogs like I love my own children. A lot. And I see and get a lot of ideas. The “Miscellaneous” folder on my desktop is always full to the brim with inspiration, potential blog posts, things that I’m “going to do“.

But seeing Ikea “Bekvam” spice racks ($2.49 each) as forward facing bookshelves in a kiddie’s room on Domestic Simplicity? That had me clearing my diary and driving to Ikea the following day. Oh, and I live over an hour from the nearest store. Got kids? Cash strapped? Listen up:

I had the perfect little wall in Anoushka’s room for them between the doorway and the cupboard (she inhales books!). Given the proportions of the wall, I went for a fetching side-by-side configuration (with a 10cm gap between them), in four “shelves”/rows, almost up to door height Who cares if a 3 year old can’t reach the top shelf? I can. And besides. Looks good.

You’ll need: The tools of the Bekvam-hanging trade, aka tape measure, level, offspring’s HB pencil. Note the caffeine – you’re going to need some form of artificial stimulant before you commence. Havaianas sold separately (actually, I bought them online here). Right. Lets party.

See? They work and everything. And admittedly, they do actually look quite good unpainted. But…

Enter Mr Tonic (husband), a can of undercoat and a Bosch spray gun*. Mr Tonic is literally walking around the house looking for something else to spray. That thing is the bomb! Consider them undercoated until further notice.
*Beyond this point, our renovation will be referred to as Pre-Bosch spray gun and Post-Bosch spray gun.

See! You, too can worship at the alter of budget-DIY-Bekvam-$2.49-heaven. What’s not to lust. Right? And the best bit? A 3 year old can put the books away ALL BY THEMSELVES. And did I mention they were the “Bekvam” Spice Rack? And that they’re $2.49 each from Ikea? I did? Oh.

The finished product