Tested: 5 foolproof hacks for the perfect winged liner.

Alexa Chung. Bridgette Bardot. That woman you saw on the train yesterday.

How come all of them can do the perfect winged liner, but your attempts look more like a toddler trying to colour within the lines?


While it's true, practise does make perfect, sometimes (always) you just don't have the time to spend hours attempting the flick.

Enter eyeliner hacks.

You'll find endless lists of genius hacks "EVERY woman NEEDS to know" that promise to make nailing winged liner super easy, even for the most uncoordinated.

But do they actually work?

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When it comes to general coordination, I definitely fall into (ahem, HEAD UP) the most uncoordinated category, so I thought I'd put five of the most popular eyeliner hacks to the test.

Are they literally foolproof or just asking for liquid eyeliner stained tears?

Read on to find out.

1. Join the dots

Consider this the primary school stage of your eyeliner education.

How it works: Designed to make drawing the straight line easier, draw a series of dots across your upper lash line, then use them as guidance to join the dots to create a flawless line.

Does it work?: This was not child's play for me. The tricky part is making sure all the dots are the same size and the right size to create the desired thickness of the wings. I found while it made a thin line easier, it didn't quite create the dramatic effect I wanted (which had to be done freehand). Good for simple, daytime looks though.

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2. Use a spoon

Doing your winged liner in a hurry  in the kitchen using the reflection of your microwave? How convenient! Head over to the cutlery draw, grab yourself a spoon and you'll be done in no time.

How it works: Position the handle at an angle across your cheek and use the handle to create the initial wing. The longer/sharper the angle, the more dramatic the flick. Then position the spoon over your eyelid, lining up the bottom curve with the flick. Trace, then fill in.


Does it work?: How someone got the idea of using a spoon for eyeliner, i'll never know, but this one actually works! When you get over the weirdness of holding a spoon over the eyes, it's easy to do and gives consistent results. I love the curliness of the flick too.

3. Use a business card

Finally, a use for those stacks of business cards you printed off in excitement when you first got your job. Or from that guy you'll never call. Or in my case, your favourite restaurant.

How it works: Use the straight side of the business card to get the perfect sharp angled flick. Line it up at an angle to the outer corner of your eye and use like you would a ruler.

Does it work?: Yes! Perhaps the easiest hack to pull off, this would be a handy one to do in the office bathroom in a hurry before you head out to drinks.

4. Go in an inwards direction

So simple a tip, you'll be kicking yourself you didn't think of this earlier.

How it works: Giving you extra control over your flick, hold your skin taut and draw the line from the outwards in, rather than the traditional in-to-out method.

Does it work?: A little messy as you're still drawing freehand, this does have some merit. I'd recommend using this hack to tidy up the line you create with one of the others, such as the business card or sticky tape.

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5. Use sticky tape

Provided you can find the end, of course.

How it works: Cut off a small piece of sticky tape and place so the edge is at an angle with the corner of your eye. Then follow the sharp line with your liner for a strong shaped wing.

Does it work?: This worked, but was not as effective as the business card hack. Pros - You have both hands free to hold the skin taut and draw the line. Cons - the liquid liner can get underneath the tape and you risk pulling off some of your face makeup when taking it off.

Not sure which liquid liner to be using? These are some of The Glow Team's favourites.

What are your tips for perfecting winged liner? Got any other hacks we should know about?