Why your baby might just be part of the ‘perfect’ generation.

Don’t worry about their future, it’s sorted.

Every parent worries about their children.

Every parent worries about making sure their kids are set for the future.

But if your little one was born after 2010, you can sit down, put your feet up and pour yourself a cocktail. Because they are going to be so fine.

They have been dubbed Generation Alpha, and while they still might think flinging spaghetti over their face is funny, they will one day be smarter, richer and helping you with the computer.

How rich, you ask?


Generation Alpha are (and will be) born between 2010 and 2024 (and 2.5 million are born each week around the world). And according to social researcher Mark McCrindle, this is what he says their life will look like:

They will have 1.7 children. And they are more likely to have them out of wedlock than any generation before them.

Don’t ask them what they want to be when they grow up. Because the job they’ll do, doesn’t exist yet. And they will have 17 jobs over their career (with 5 career changes).

Almost all will finish Year 12 (so make sure they do their homework) and just over half of them will go to uni (both an increase from previous generations).

Don’t buy them a watch. Or think a credit card for their 21st birthday would be cool. They’ll have neither. Relying on their smartphone for both time and money.

They will be the biggest generation in history and they will most likely be called William, Jack, Charlotte or Olivia (as those are the top names of the moment).

Their average wage will be $200,000 per annum and their house will be worth $2.5 million. “They will be multi-millionaires from an asset perspective.” McCrindle said.

The won’t only be rich as adults. They will be rich kids with both parents earning an income (and spending their earnings on them).

They won’t read on paper or through books. Everything will come via a glass screen.

McCrindle told The Daily Telegraph, “They were born into a world of iPhones, YouTube and Instagram. This generation will seamlessly interact with their world digitally. It’s truly the millennial generation, born and shaped fully in the 21st century and the first generation that in record numbers will see in the 22nd century as well.”

Are you noticing any of the above already in your kids?

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