Gingerbread people now must be genderless. We're all doomed.


So “genderless gingerbread figures” are now a thing, and they prove the world has officially lost its mind.

In case you’re not across the background story, an unnamed, “hip” Melbourne bakery has made international headlines today after a picture of these biscuits were posted on Reddit with the caption: “So this is what the world is coming to…”

These are the gingerbread…beings in question.

Naturally, the story went viral quicker than Alan Jones can say “political correctness gone mad”, with Redditors finding the biscuits equal parts horrifying and hilarious.

Now, before you accuse me of having no sense of humour, I accept there is every chance these were meant as a joke.

In fact, I am clinging to the hope that this was all a huge, tongue-in-cheek prank – because if not, I’m pretty sure they represent the decay of modern civilisation.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m totally, 100% in favour of standing up against discrimination, whether it comes in the form of words or actions.

I was pretty bloody ticked off when Finance Minister Mathias Cormann called Opposition Leader Bill Shorten an “economic girlie-man” recently.

I cringe every time some douchcanoe goes to a party dressed up in “hilarious” blackface or heads to Coachella sporting a Native American headdress.

And I absolutely, positively hate it when I overhear surly teenagers describe something bad as “gay”.

But here’s the thing – when we PC-ify every part of popular culture, by making gingerbread men and women genderless, or changing Baa, Baa, Black Sheep to Baa, Baa, Rainbow Sheep, or removing all trace of Christmas from our schools and childcare centres, we run the risk of losing our culture altogether.


The TV show Community makes fun of political correctness with the genderless – and creepy – Greendale Human Being mascot.

And what’s much, much, MUCH worse is that by jumping on bandwagons and fixating on things like biscuits, nursery rhymes and Christmas trees, we trivialise very real and very serious social problems like sexism, racism and homophobia.

I seriously doubt any woman, or man, or transgender person has ever felt truly threatened by a biscuit.

I also doubt there are many black people who are offended by the fact that sheep can also be black, and be featured in kids’ songs.

Because sheep aren’t allowed to be black or white any more…

But what I am sure of is that if you really want to fight against discrimination and prejudice and bigotry, you do it by calling out everyday examples on the street.

You do it by voting for politicians who will fight for equality. You do it by signing petitions, campaigning for causes and donating your time and money to charities and organisations that stand up for human rights.

You do it by doing your best to influence your prejudiced relatives and friends and you do it by switching off the TV and radio and ignoring every loud-mouthed bigot in the land.

You sure as hell DON’T do it by baking the world’s most ridiculous biscuits.

What do you think of the genderless gingerbread people?