The 9 best gender-neutral sex toys, ranked.

Defying gender-norms is becoming more and more widespread - and with good reason.

More and more people are saying goodbye to gender-specific clothes, ditching dated traditions that dictate only women wear makeup, and the latest industry to rid gender restrictions is... sex toys!

Genderless, or gender-fluid sex toys are here, and they're here for everyone. Designed to be used in partner, or for solo sessions, and catering for any and all genitals. As they’re used universally, most gender-fluid toys are armed with multiple functions. Whether it’s insertable or just used for external play, there are so many ways to get creative. 

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From stainless steel dildos that can be heated up or cooled down, to toys that transform into rabbit vibrators, cock-rings, G-spot stimulators and massagers - there are a lot to choose from!

So, we’ve gathered all the gender-fluid toys you need to know about right now. Read, order, enjoy and report back. 

1. Satisfyer Endless Fun Rechargeable Couple's Vibrator, $79.95.

The Satisfyer Endless Fun vibrator will lengthen your orgasms, with up to 100 different vibe combinations. Insert the shaft, or use the arms (that can vibrate separately), to stimulate any body part, whether it’s yourself, or your partner.

Image: Lovehoney + Mamamia.   


2. Desire Luxury Beaded Stainless Steel Dildo, $89.95.

Soon to be a favourite toy once you’ve tested it, this medical-grade stainless steel dildo is great for penetrative play. Featuring an ergonomic curve to massage the prostate or stimulate the G-spot. 

To begin with, it’s cold to the touch, but you can also experiment with temperature play by warming the toy in hot water, or popping it in the fridge to heighten your senses during your session.

Image: Lovehoney + Mamamia.   

3. Get Frenchie Double Entendre, $90.

Ready to meet your new Mon Cherie? 

A sexual wellness brand crafted for a new generation of lovers, Frenchie designed the Double Entendre with more than one gender in mind. Featuring dual motors and added flexibility, meaning increased pleasure for you and your partner alike.

Image: Get Frenchie + Mamamia.   With two powerful motors that have four speeds and six vibration modes, the Double Entendre's unique bendable shape has a smaller head at one end for internal G-spot pleasure and a larger profile at the other end for clitoral stimulation - giving you double the pleasure. Likewise, it can be used to pleasure the P-spot, anally and as a teasing buzz on the shaft. This extremely versatile love toy can be used both internally, externally or both at the same time.


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4. LELO Transformer, $174.99.

Getting its name from its ability to transform into any type of toy you want. 

From a rabbit vibrator, cock-ring, G-spot stimulator, double-ended dildo, clitoral massager, or many other options if you’re willing to get creative. It has 10 near-silent modes that you can experiment with, both in or out of water. 

Image: Wild Secrets + Mamamia.   


5. Doc Johnson Tryst 2 Bendable 5.75" Couples Vibrator With Remote, $139.99.

Take control via a remote of this vibrator with two bendable arms that hold shape, so you can position it to hit the spot, whether internally or externally. Cycle through three powerful and quiet 10 function-motors.

Image: Wild Secrets + Mamamia.   

6. Butt Tingler 10 Function Vibrating Butt Plug 3.5 Inch, $36.95.

Perfect for anyone looking to experiment with anal play, this sleek vibrating butt plug has three vibrating speeds, and seven patterns to choose from, each offering their own sensations. It has a T-shaped flared base for easy control and to prevent unwanted travel.

Image: Lovehoney + Mamamia.  


7. Lovehoney Sensual Glass Double-Ended G-Spot Dildo, $54.95.

Use whatever lube you please with this Sensual Glass Double-ended Dildo. By its appearance you could quite easily mistake this thing for a piece of art, but we can assure you, it feels as good as it looks. 

The shimmering glass dildo has a slimline shape, ideal for beginners, and features a bulbed head for internal and external stimulation. Experiment with a little temperature play by submerging the dildo in warm water, or pop it in the fridge for a couple minutes before use.

Image: Lovehoney + Mamamia.   

8. We-Vibe Wand, $269.

An intense twist on the classic wand vibrator, this sleek, cordless model is ultra-powerful yet quiet and silky soft. Use with attachments or without, in bed or in the bath, the We-Vibe wand is waterproof, rechargeable and ready to go for all genders.

Image: We-Vibe + Mamamia.   


9. Lovehoney Ignite 20 Function Vibrating Butt Plug, $49.95.

Your tush will be spoilt for sensations with this velvety-smooth vibrating butt plug, with three speeds, and 17 patterns that’ll kick your sexual adventures into the next gear. Not only is it super easy to charge, with a USB lead, but it’s functions are controlled with a simple button on the pocket-sized device.

Image: Lovehoney + Mamamia.   And those are our top picks! If you have recommendations you'd like to see added to this jazzy lil list, then please hit up our Sex Editor [email protected]

Feature Image: Mamamia.

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