According to Gen Z, there are 5 new rules of style. Are you keeping up?

If you thought we were done talking about Gen Z, you'd be wrong. We've had the skinny jeans and side part debate, but now it's time to talk about fashion overall. 

Over the past six months, I've noticed a few specific "style rules" dominating Gen Z fashion. Some I'm obsessed with, while others I'll happily let run their course without getting on board. Nevertheless, I'm seeing them everywhere and need to discuss them immediately.

From '90s nostalgia to gender non-conforming clothing, these are the five new style commandments you need to know about.

But first, here's how to wear a scarf three ways. Post continues after video.

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Rule #1: Colour reigns supreme.

While black has been a trusty wardrobe staple forever (and of course, will continue to be), colour has well and truly taken over. With designer powerhouses like Bottega Veneta and Gucci releasing collections solely based around bright colours and the likes of Zara and Mango replicating them, Zoomers are replacing their neutrals for something a little more fun.

And they aren't limiting how much colour they wear either. Influencers across the board are mixing and matching colour and print to create ensembles that might be loud, but they also make so. much. sense.


Rule #2: The '90s resurgence is real.

As with any trend, they come in strong, disappear for a decade or two, then return at full force feeling all fresh again. For Gen Z, it's all about '90s fashion. Kitschy phone charms, sparkly butterfly clips, tinted sunglasses and skinny baguette bags are just some of the trends we're all adopting anew.

Who knows how long they will stay popular (we'll give it another year at most) but something about wearing these pieces feels so goddamn nostalgic. Even if we're too young to have worn them the first time around.


Rule #3: Athleisure always.

Athleisure - a fancier name for activewear - has become the uniform of almost every 'young person' I know. From leggings or bike shorts to oversized jumpers and trackpants, our generation has found these pieces perfectly acceptable for just about any occasion. 

Celebrities are partly to blame. With the likes of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber regularly rocking workout gear without having hit the gym, we've taken it as a sign to do so too. Brunch with the girls? Activewear. Dinner and drinks? Activewear with a blazer. Running errands? You get the drift.


Rule #4: Sustainability is important.

When it comes to purchasing new clothes, Gen Z widely prefer sustainable fashion - whether that's opting for second-hand pieces or shopping with environmentally conscious brands.

According to social media platform Yubo, 81.8 per cent of Gen Z Australians attempt to make more sustainable fashion choices, and almost three in four would pay more money for clothes that reflect that.

In the same vein, we're less inclined to shop fast fashion, with online marketplaces like Facebook and Depop, as well as thrift stores becoming the go-to options for shopping.


Rule #5: Fashion is fluid.

There are no rules when it comes to Gen Z fashion; especially when it comes to gendered dressing. Recent Pinterest trends show this cohort have been searching for "androgynous summer fashion" over in the US, and our Instagram feeds reflect that internationally. Women sport boxy shirts and blazers, while men lean towards more traditionally 'feminine' silhouettes and jewellery.

Celebrities played a role in this too. Before her revamped look, Billie Eilish was notorious for wearing oversized clothing, while Harry Styles will rock a pearl necklace and blouse if he damn well pleases.


Which trends do you love and hate? Let us know in the comments.

Feature image: Instagram/@matildadjerf @celmatique

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