Gen Y drinks more wine than any other generation has before.

Cheers, Gen Y – you have the honour of drinking more wine than any other generation.

According to a report from the Wine Market Council, last year millennials drank 159.6 million cases of the stuff (or, in other words, 42 per cent of all wine consumed in the US).

Finally, an achievement our generation can be proud of…

The non-profit Wine Marked Council defined millennials as people aged 21 to 38.

So if you fall into that category, it's probably safe to say you're a bit of a wine fan.

Now, we all know drinking too much alcohol isn't great for our health - but when it comes to choosing your poison, wine does have proven health benefits.

According to, wine (in moderation) has been linked to a range of health benefits, including aiding memory, preventing clots, boosting immunity and stabilising blood sugar.

So, drink up, Gen Y. Not that you needed any encouragement...

Are you a wine drinker?