This is what gay men think vaginas look like.

Three years ago, Shannon O’Malley was having dinner with a couple of her gay male friends, when the conversation (as it tends to do) turned to vaginas. Specifically, how much gay men know about vaginas. To dive deeper into the topic, Shannon had her friend Keith Wilson draw exactly what he thought a vagina looked like.

His vagina drawing did not look like a vagina.

This gave Shannon and Keith a vaginal light bulb moment, and ‘Gay Men Draw Vaginas’ was born.

They began asking more and more of their gay male friends to give vagina drawing a try. Then friends starting sending them their versions. Everybody was having so much fun with it, and the results were so fascinating, that Shannon and Keith then set up public vagina drawing booths to collect more artworks:

And now, after three years of collecting, Shannon and Keith have enough vagina drawings to publish a book. So they have launched a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of doing just that. It’s called (obviously) ‘Gay Men Draw Vaginas’, and its creators describe it better than we ever could:

“Perfect for dignified dinner parties, or that special holiday homecoming, Gay Men Draw Vaginas is 220 pages of full-colour vag drawings — all inside a handsome hard cover.”

Some of the drawings attempt to be anatomically correct, and some are more… um, abstract:

“For three years, we’ve been collecting vag drawings from the gays, from fine artists to average Joe Homos,” explain Keith and Shannon on their Kickstarter page. “The drawings display a range of “skill” level so as to lay bare the vagina of the collective gay male mind. Many of the drawings came out of art booth sessions we held in San Francisco, some of them were mailed to us, and some of them we asked for.”

Check out a bunch more Vagina drawings here:

Check out Gay Men Draw Vaginas on Instagram here, Facebook here and Twitter here. And if you would like a copy of the book, head to the Kickstarter page to help fund the project.

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