The people who flatly refuse to be gay.

Gay conversion therapy is a thriving industry in the US, built around the idea that you can “cure” gay people.

There are hundreds of testimonials online from people who once were gay and are now very grateful that that is no longer the case. Most of these people seem to have participated in some organised treatment program or gay conversion therapy.

Listen to Meshel talking to an Australian who tried to do exactly that, on The Nitty Gritty Committee. (Post continues after podcast):

All of which clearly flies in the face of the accepted contemporary wisdom that homosexuality is your authentic self, if you’re gay. The idea that denying your sexuality could bring you closer to your real self seems nonsensical at best, and at worst, really dangerous. And yet there they are, person after person testifying that they have never been happier since they flatly refused to be gay.

After watching these things on days on end I have to admit that I feel a little quesy about dismissing these people. I mean who the hell am I to tell them they are wrong about their own feelings?

We don’t hear much about gay conversion therapy in Australia, but it’s definitley happening here. In fact, a friend of mine, Anthony, a comedian and producer, has his own story with gay conversion, right here in Australia…

Do you have any stories about people trying to convince you out of your sexuality?