There is a gay version of The Bachelor coming and Lance Bass is the host.

For years, we’ve watched tanned men and women with impeccable hair look for the perfect love on  The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. People have waited a long time for an LGBTI version of the heterosexual dating show and finally the wait is over, in the US at least.

The Viacom owned  Logo Network has announced a brand new reality dating competition series called Finding Prince Charming which will basically put gay men into The Bachelor formula.

Finding Prince Charming, with will be hosted by NSYNC’s Lance Bass, is already in production and will air on US TV network Logo later this year.

The show will follow 13 eligible gay men as they compete for the affection of the incredibly good looking Robert Sepulveda Jr., an interior designer originally from Peurto Rico but who currently lives in Atlanta Georgia.

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Just like The Bachelor, Sepulveda will eliminate the guys one by one until he finds the one he wants to be in a relationship with. “Logo has a long history of showcasing LGBTQ-focused stories with memorable characters that transcend pop culture,” said Pamela Post, SVP of Original Programming for Logo in the press release. 

Watch Lance Bass tell the story of how we came out as gay.


Finding Prince Charming will take viewers on a whirlwind journey through modern love and relationships in a way that only Logo can do.” But lets get back to Sepulveda. Not much is known about him yet, but damn. 

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Sunset swim.

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If the guys on The Bachelor looked like that, maybe the relationships would last longer.

I’m sure the producers of The Bachelor are kicking themselves for not producing this show themselves first.

I can say I’d watch that man do pretty much anything. So well done Finding Prince Charming, you’ve got at least one viewer already. And I’ll be casual flipping through Sepulveda’s Instagram until it starts.