The theory about the white horse on Game of Thrones that could spell danger for Daenerys.


Warning: This post contains A LOT of spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5. If you’re not caught up on the latest episode, bookmark us and come back once you’re ready to properly debrief.

We’re almost at the end of Game of Thrones season eight and well, things are not exactly looking good.

Now that the Battle of King’s Landing is all wrapped up, there’s nothing left to do but dissect every single little thing we can ahead of next week’s finale.

Fortunately, one of the final moments of Game of Thrones’ penultimate episode actually gave us a major hint about the fate of Westeros and the Iron Throne.

After abandoning her plans to kill Cersei Lannister during episode five, Arya Stark ended up running for her life as she dodged fire and explosions from Daenerys Targaryen’s senseless attack on the civilians of King’s Landing. In multiple points during the episode, it even seemed as if she may have died.

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But thankfully, in the final moments of Game of Thrones, we saw Arya wandering through the wreckage of King’s Landing.

Yep, somehow, miraculously, she survived.

But Arya wasn’t the only one.

As she looked over the burnt bodies of the innocent mother and daughter she tried so desperately to save, a blood-splattered white horse emerged from the shadows.


Arya waded through the sea of burnt bodies and rubble and approached the horse, and then they rode off into the distance.

Arya tried desperately to save this mother and daughter.

It was a moment which left many fans feeling confused.

But as expected, a lot of fans have began to theorise what the presence of the white horse could mean. After all, Game of Thrones are known for their symbolism – especially when it comes to the animals on the show.


Here's just some of the theories about Arya and her white horse.

Arya leaves forever.

One of the more straightforward theories to come from Arya's exit from King's Landing is that Arya is leaving the conflict is good.

Although Arya has seen death up close and personal, she's never really seen war like she did at the Battle of King's Landing.

She sees grieving victims at the hand of Daenerys and she fails to save a mother and a young daughter. It's clear she does not like what she saw. But it is it enough to drive her away forever? Only time will tell.


Arya is death.

On Reddit, some fans have speculated that the presence of the white horse provides some important symbolism of death and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Although Christian religious imagery isn't exactly common in the world of Game of Thrones, some fans have theorised that the white horse symbolises Arya's story. After all, Arya's entire character arc has revolved around death and her list.

As pale horse and oncoming death have even been referred to in the Bible. But while the people of Westeros don't exactly follow the beliefs of Christianity, Daenerys has been warned before about a pale mare.

In season two, a mysterious woman called Quaithe told Daenerys: “The glass candles are burning. Soon comes the pale mare, and after her the others. Kraken and dark flame, lion and griffin, the sun's son and the mummer's dragon. Trust none of them. Remember the Undying. Beware the perfumed seneschal".

 Could the woman have been warning Dany of Arya and her pale mare?
Daenerys has changed A LOT this season.

Arya will kill Daenerys.

When the Battle of King's Landing wrapped up, Cersei Lannister and The Mountain were no longer on Arya Stark's kill list.

But now that her list is looking bare, some fans have theorised that there may be a new target in mind – Daenerys Targaryen.

Earlier this season, Melisandre arrived to give Arya a much-needed pep talk ahead of the Battle of Winterfell.

During their conversation, Melisandre reminded Arya of a previous encounter they had had, when Melisandre declared: “I see a darkness in you. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me: brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes. Eyes you’ll shut forever".

Of course, the brown eyes represented Walder Frey and the blue eyes represented the Night King. But while many assumed that the green eyes referred to Cersei Lannister, who ended up being killed alongside her brother Jaime, viewers have now begun to speculate that Daenerys could be Arya's true green-eyed victim.


She's destined to kill a character with green eyes – and from the looks of things, Daenerys is the last remaining character that fits the bill.

After seeing the terror and war crimes that Daenerys committed during the Battle of King's Landing, it seems as if Arya's new destiny is to stop the mad Queen.


The horse is just... a horse.

Of course, there's always a chance that the white horse is really just... a horse.

Although it'll be a little disappointing if there's nothing more to the white horse, we wouldn't be too surprised if it really just means nothing.

Either way, there's just a week to go until we find out.

Get excited.

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