A definitive ranking of all the best sex scenes from Game of Thrones.

Content warning: This post is basically a porno. Obviously.

Someone once told me that Game of Thrones was really just a show about people having sex until their probable death.

The TV cultural critic in me was like, “Actually, it is far more nuanced…” But in reality, apart from some violent fighting here and there, there is a tonne of sex in GoT.

Without another season for what feels like years, let’s just get down to business (pun definitely intended, and there’s more where that came from).

Ygritte and Jon Snow (series three, episode five)

Ummmm, so I’m barely even going to mention that oral sex performed on a woman is a rarity on TVs.

Which, is why this scene between Ygritte and Jon Snow was one of the best. Ever.

Daenerys and Daario (series five, episode seven)

Among the rape, incest, and just plain disgusting sex scenes, GoT delivered on this mildly romantic gem.

Following the death of her husband, Drogo, it was almost heart-warming to have a little bit of passion thrown into the show.

Grey Worm and Missandei (series seven, episode two)

Bet you thought I couldn’t bring The Notebook into this, but I shall.

This adorable scene between Grey Worm and Missandei kind of reminded of the first time Allie and Noah have sex, where they just stand in front of each other naked for a while.

Anyway, fans were waiting on this scene for a while but also wondering if that would be their first and last time.


Daenerys and Jon Snow (series eight, finale)

I really want to forget that they are related. Urghhhhh. Actually, I’m pretty sure the GoT producers did too, considering the amount of *intimate* music they tried to put behind it.

However, I am putting this on this list because Jon Snow’s butt. Full stop.

Loras and Renly (series one, season five)

Another reminder that society doesn’t have to be heteronormative all the time and maybe we could broadcast some more diverse sexual experiences.

Beginning with this one:

Daenerys and Doreah (series one, episode two)

If you kind of forgot about Doreah (it was a really long time ago), Daenerys gets lessons from her maid on how to pleasure a man.

There was lots of talks about looking him in the eyes and then this forceful line, “Don’t make love like a slave.”

Daenerys and Khal Drogo (series one, episode two)

Where. To. Start.

GoT occasionally has me questioning my feminist morals, but then it slams down this sex-positive scene.

After forcing her to only have anal sex, Daenerys takes control, flips him on his back and can finally look upon his face.

So much wow. So much fist pumping.

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