We've just been given our first look at Game of Thrones season seven.

Hold onto your Valyrian steel sword: we’ve just been given our first glimpse at the penultimate season of Game of Thrones.

To be honest, even “glimpse” might be too generous a description in this instance, but we’ll take what we can get.

According to reports, a super-short teaser trailer for the HBO epic’s seventh season aired in the States before an episode of Westworld. 

While the footage is yet to raise its head online, quick-thinking fans managed to snap the three most pertinent images. (Bless them.)

Listen: The Binge’s Rosie and Laura discuss what this could all mean. (Post continues after audio.)

In news that might disappoint the closet Lannisters reading this… it was all House Stark. Although Brandon didn’t feature, your pouty, luscious-haired boyfriend Jon Snow made the cut.

So, let’s take a look at what we’ve been served.


Hey look, it’s Arya! Fresh from her visit to House Frey, which she spent slittin’ throats and bakin’ pies, the mini assassin is on a horse, and looking… determined. Also, as one eagle-eyed fan pointed out, she’s wearing Northerner attire.

Please, please, let Season Seven deliver us the House Stark reunion we’ve all been dreaming of.

Arya happy to see us? (Image: HBO)


The sulky teenager-turned-major political player looks as steely as we've ever seen her.

Watch yourself, Littlefinger. You might have just met created your match.

QUEEN. (Image: HBO)

Jon Snow

The King in the North!

Jon looks mildly concerned in this still, but then again, when doesn't Jon Snow look mildly concerned?

The pout returns. (Image: HBO)

So there you have it.

While these images certainly lend themselves to rabid fan speculation, when it comes to what Season Seven has in store for us, we still know... well, nothing.