The OTHER really shocking thing that happened in the Game Of Thrones finale last night.


Now we have that out of the way, let’s talk.

Last night Game Of Thrones watchers lay soggy on their lounges, soaked in their own tears as our untouchable hero lay bleeding in the snow (fittingly, it must be said).

Goodbye, Sweet Lord Of Luscious Locks, how we will miss you.

game of thrones
Jon Snow is dead and he isn’t coming back. Image via Tumblr.

But let’s not dwell, we’ll get too sad, and there was a scene in last night’s much-dissected finale that deserves our attention even more.

Yes, there was a massacre of marquee-name characters. Yes, Arya stabbed someone’s eyes out with a short blade, but that’s not it.

There was a scene in last night’s show that was even more difficult to watch. More confusing. More conflicting. A scene that made us question everything.

Cersei’s walk of shame.

Even in a TV show that delights in making its hipster audience struggle to justify rape, incest, child-murder and dragons, it was one of the more confronting seven minutes of television we have ever sat through.

Watch the video below incase you missed Cersei’s walk of shame. (Post continues after video…)


Cersei is awful. A terrible, despicable human being who murders and tortures at will, who has a hit out on her own brother, who respects and cares for no-one but her weak, unlikeable, evil offspring.

As the Writer Gods had her chained and defiant in a cell, we were all cheering.

Yes. At last.  Yes. She got what she deserved. Yes. I hope she DIES.

A TV drama that makes you will someone dead is a special beast.

But, this is Game Of Thrones. And it can think of ways to humiliate women that most of us haven’t yet .

They don’t kill Cersai. That would be too kind.

The take the most powerful female on the show and strip her, shave her head and sends her walking naked through the streets of a hostile city while crowds scream “CUNT” and “WHORE” in her face, fling shit and blood, claw and grab at her skin and expose themselves to her over and over.

She has been starved and beaten for weeks. Her feet are shreddded from the street. All the way, she is followed by a woman ringing a bell and repeating one word, “Shame.” “Shame.” “Shame.”

We hate Cersei. We want her to die, remember. But as the scene went on, and on, and on, the only thought that was building as that bell rang was ENOUGH. ENOUGH. ENOUGH.

Flick through the gallery below for Game of Thrones’ strongest female characters. (Post continues after gallery…)

There is historical precedence for the humiliation of Cersei. Which is reassuring, because the twisted world of Westeros is as close as most of us get to a history lesson. But the fact that adulterers were shamed in exactly this way in medieval times, does not make it easier for a modern audience to swallow.

Yes, we hate Cersei. Her character is a monster. But her humiliation only did one thing – put us on her side. As every strong woman on GOT is reminded of her fragility in a brutal world that is all too familiar to us, we are gathering around the raped and beaten – Sansa, Daenerys and yes, now even Cersei – and willing them to rise up  – like some kind of twisted army of hyper-real suffragettes, unlikely manes flying in the wind, Longclaws held aloft – to shut that shit down.

Today, fans are bleating that they don’t want to live in a Game Of Thrones universe without Jon Snow.

I don’t want to live in Game Of Thrones universe where a powerful woman is so easily crushed.

Season Six writers, take note. It’s time for the Warrior queens to wreak their revenge.

Flick through the gallery below for some of Game of Thrones most shocking scenes. 

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