A Real Housewife of Melbourne almost lost a tooth on the Logies red carpet.

If you ever had any doubt being a celebrity was an easy job, spare a thought for Gamble Breaux.

The Real Housewife of Melbourne was walking the Logies red carpet when she almost lost a tooth.

Yes, really.

“My girlfriend Meghan, who is very excited about my handbag – my handbag is f***ing hot – she was so excited about my new handbag she threw her hand back and hit me in the middle of my tooth with her microphone,” she told journalist Melissa Hoyer in a video.


She then proceeded to show off her newly chipped tooth.

“I think it’s kind of sexy. Madonna look out – I’m after your job,” she continued.

The 44 year old also posted about the incident on Instagram.

“All I want for Christmas! Lost part of my both two front teeth on the red carpet with a microphone to the face!” she wrote alongside a selfie.


“They say Real Housewives of Sydney are bad!”

Fortunately, the toothless encounter didn’t look to put too much of a dampener on the night with Breaux sharing plenty of pictures.

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