Gal Gadot faces backlash after 'offensive' Stephen Hawking tribute post.

On Wednesday, 76-year-old Stephen Hawking died, prompting people everywhere to pay tribute to the renowned physicist.

Among many celebrities, Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot joined the mourning by posting a tweet that read:

Though some saw the tweet as an innocent farewell, others viewed the words as discrimination against people with disabilities.

Prominent disability advocates called her comments ableist, condemning the 32-year-old’s inference that those with disabilities are incapable to live life to the fullest, and are thus ‘freed’ by death.


In Hawking’s 2013 memoir titled My Brief History, he recognitioned his ALS for his subsequent life successes.

“Before my condition was diagnosed, I had been very bored with life. There had not seemed to be anything worth doing,” Hawking wrote.

“I suddenly realised that there were a lot of worthwhile things I could do if I was reprieved,” he said.

“After all, if I was going to die anyway, I might as well do some good.”

Gadot has not yet responded to the criticism.

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