From Dysons to Air Fryers: 7 life-changing tech products that are on sale right now.

As we tick off the days on our calendar, getting closer to the end of the year, there are two key events top of mind: The office Christmas party and... sales. All the glorious sales.

November is typically the time shops try to empty their shelves before bringing in their new stock for the Christmas season, and in doing so, slash their prices to new lows. So whether you’re looking to treat yourself or a friend to a gift, or looking to upgrade some of your household appliances or gadgets, now is the perfect time to do it.

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Televisions, vacuum cleaners, headphones and many other tech gadgets have seen the greatest price reductions, so we’ve gathered a list of all the items you need to keep on your radar this November.

BlueAnt X1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $59 (was $69)

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The BlueAnt X1 portable speaker can conveniently fit into your backpack as you head to the park or with the splash proof design, you can take it to the beach. With a built-in microphone, you can even answer calls or change the song hands-free, which works a treat if you’re busy doing chores.

Dyson V7 Cord-free vacuum, $399.00 (was $599)

Image: Dyson + Mamamia.   

Industry-leader Dyson needs little introduction. 

Their V7 cordless vacuum can be attached to your wall so it’s easy to store and despite its compact size, the V7 is more than powerful enough to do a thorough job at removing any debris buried between the fibres of your carpet, or removing grit in the grooves of your hardwood floor.

You want one, your mate wants one, your boss wants one - everyone wants one!

Kogan 42" Full HD LED Smart TV Android TV™ (Series 9, RF9220), $334 (was $459.99)

Image: Kogan + Mamamia.   


TVs are one of the most shopped-for items in the November sales, with brands offering massive discounts - so there’s no better time to upgrade your TV to take your duvet-days to the next level. 

This particular beauty is powered by Android TV and features Google Assistant and voice search so you can jump straight into the action. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Store all come pre-installed, while Chromecast is built-in so you can stream from your smartphone, tablet or computer directly to your screen.

Beats Studio Buds True Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones, $179 (was $200)

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The cult fave headphones now come in teeny tiny earhole size.

These Dr Dre’s Beats Studio Buds feature Active Noise Cancelling, so you can blare your favourite tunes (no matter how shameless) to the max on your commute. Plus the simple one-touch pairing makes it easy to set up and there’s up to eight hours of listening time, and there’s even a built-in dual-beamforming mic so you can take calls on the go.

MyGenie Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $155 (was $179)

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Robot cleaners are becoming quite the popular gadget...

Instead of coming home after work, whizzing the vacuum round, you can get an extra half an hour to chill. MyGenie uses the latest robot vacuum technology and navigates its way through your home via WiFi, so you can schedule when to hoover and have a clean house waiting for you when get home. 

BISSELL HydroWave Ultralight Carpet Cleaner, $310 (was $359)

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With summer on the horizon, dog walks and bbq parties will be ever more present - undoubtedly meaning dirt and grit from outside will find its way between the fibres of your carpet. Yuck.


So introducing this carpet cleaner into your cleaning routine will keep your carpet stain-free. The lightweight design makes it super easy to run around your home. It also features LED headlights, electronic fingertip controls and CleanShot technology to target spots. Nioce. 

Kogan 23L 1700W Digital Air Fryer Oven, $149 (was $239.99)

Image: Kogan + Mamamia.   

Air fryers are an essential pal for your kitchen when you want to enjoy takeaway-style food, but with zero of the rude delivery fees. With thousands of takeaway recipes at your fingertips through the internet, you can find ways of recreating your favourite foods in an instant. 

It’s not limited to just being an air fryer though - because it also works as a rotisserie, oven and even dehydrator. Choose between eight preset cooking settings on the digital control panel. It can cook for two to three people at once, based upon the recommended serving size. 

What are you eyeing up in the November sales? Let us know in the comments!

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