Complete transcript reveals what happened in Warriena Wright's last hours before her fatal fall.

On August 8, 2014, New Zealand woman Warriena Wright plunged to her death from the 14th floor of a Gold Coast apartment building.

The balcony from which she fell belonged to Gable Tostee, a man she had met on Tinder; a man who yesterday was acquitted of charges over her death.

After four days of deliberation and a near mistrial, a jury found the 30-year-old not guilty of murder or manslaughter in the sensational case, which was splashed across front pages around the world.

A big part of that was due to one stunning piece of evidence released during the trial: a three-hour audio recording which Tostee secretly took that night, spanning either side of Wright’s fatal fall.

Below are excerpts of the police transcript of that tape.

The argument begins.

1.35.40am. Wright: “Where is my sister’s shit? Where is all my f***ing data? Where is my iPhone?”

Tostee: “Do you want me to ring it?”

Wright: “Yes, I would love you to f***ing ring it.”

1.36.19am. Tostee: “There is a ton of your stuff here. Hey, I didn’t say you have to leave. I said that you have to stop beating me up.”

1.36am. Wright: “Are you going to f***ing untie me because I will f***ing destroy your jaw. It is not f****ing funny … Get it for me.”

Tostee: “No, you get it.”

Wright: “I am going to call the police.”

1.37.21am. Wright again threatens to call the police.

1.38am. Wright: “Cmon Cletus. I am going to call the police.”

Tostee: “What are you looking for? Where is my money? How are you going to call the police without your phone?”

Wright: “You stole my (expletive) phone.”

Tostee: “I should have never given you so much to drink. I thought that we were going to have fun?”

1:39am. Tostee: “I don’t deserve this shit, okay. I am a nice f**king guy.”

1.39.13am. Tostee: “Your phone must be out of battery… It must be out on the balcony.”

Tostee: “Please calm down, please. You have had too much to drink. I had shit loads of money.”

Wright insists she “f**king rules in New Zealand” but gets taken advantage of.


1:40am. Tostee: “Do you even remember what you were doing to me half an hour ago? You were beating me up for no reason.”

Wright: “Exactly.”

Tostee: “You thought it was funny or something. Why were you beating me up?”

Wright: “I am gone. I will be out of your hair, see you later. I am going… See you later.”

Tostee: “You are such a drama queen.”

Tostee convinces her to stay, and they continue drinking and talking for the next three-quarters of an hour. They discuss everything from gods to Tostee’s grandfather dying of cancer.

But then the conversation quickly heats up again.

Warriena Wright and Gable Tostee. Image via Facebook.

Warriena's final moments.

2.14am. Tostee: "You are not my kind of girl. You have worn out your welcome. You have to leave."

Wright: "Okay, it is all good."

Tostee: "You have to leave".

Wright: "Okay. It's all good".

Tostee: "I thought you were a nice girl."

2.14.51am: Tostee: "You are f***ing insane".

2:15am. Tostee: "I think you are kidding but you are not. Go on right now. I do need a sample of DNA."

2:15.30am. Tostee: "I thought you were kidding and I have taken enough. This is f**king bullshit ... you are lucky I haven’t chucked you off my balcony you god damn psycho little (expletive). Who the (expletive) do you think you ... Yeah, do your Muay Thai now."

2:16am. Tostee: "What. What ... got something to say, say it."

Wright: "(Unintelligible) sexist."

Tostee: "Yeah right. I am the one who is injured. You don’t have a god damn scratch on you."

2:16.30am. Tostee: "I thought that you were just playing around but I am f**king sick of this shit. You’re a god damn psycho. I am going to let you go. I am going to walk you out of this apartment just the way you are. You are not going to collect any of your belongings, you are just going to walk out and I am going to slam the door on you, do you understand? If you try and pull anything, I’ll knock you out, I’ll knock you the f**k out. Do you understand? Do you understand? Do you understand?"


2:17.30am. Tostee: "C'mon, get up. Get up."

Wright: "I am so sorry."

Tostee: "I don’t care."

Sounds of a physical struggle.

Tostee: "You don’t understand do you. You don’t understand anything at all do you."

Struggle continues.

Tostee: "Let go. You think that you hit me and I was going to fall down like in the movies."

Tostee: "Let go of it. Let go. Let go."

Tostee: "Let it go."

Choking sounds can be heard.

Sound of something dropping, followed by something that sounds like a door unlocking and glass being hit.

Wright: "No."

2.20.46am. Tostee: "Who the f*** do you think you are? Hey?"

Wright: "No, no, no. No! No no no."

Tostee: "You tried to kill me huh? Well, why did you try and hit me with that. Huh? Shut your filthy mouth."

Wright: "No, no, no, no, no."

Tostee: "It is all on recording you know. It is all being recorded."

Wright: "No no no no no no no no no no no no. Just let me go home. Just let me go home."

Tostee: "I would but you have been a bad girl." Sound of a door sliding shut.

2.20am. Wright: "Just let me go home. Just let me go home."

Faint scream heard. Heavy breathing.

2:21.50am. Tostee makes call to lawyer Michael Purcell, but there's no answer. "Fuck."

2:22am. Tostee: “Where the f**ck are my keys?”

2:23am. Tostee: "F**k, f**k, f**k."

2:23.30am. Tostee: "Oh my god."

2:26am. Sirens heard in the background.

At this point, Tostee walks to a nearby Dominos pizza outlet and orders a piece of Supreme. On the way he again calls lawyer Michael Purcell, but the call is not connected.


Tostee calls his father.

3:23am. “Hello Dad. I might have a bit of a situation. See, um, I met up with a girl for a date tonight and she started getting really aggressive. It was all right at first and like we, you know, had sex in bed and she kept drinking. We were both drinking and I think that she thought that it was like a joke or something and she kept like beating me up and whatever. It was because she was really drunk and whatever and I like forced her out on the balcony and I think that she might have jumped off.”

Father: “Oh no.”

3:23.30am. Tostee: “Like, I have been walking around and there are a million cops around my building. I’m (expletive). I don’t know what to do.”'

Father: “Where are you? At your unit?”

Tostee: “I didn’t cause this, like I didn’t push her. There are a million cops in the area.”

Father: “I’ll come and get you OK?”

Tostee: “It is really (expletive) up. I am like at Domino’s. Dad, like this is not my fault.”

3:25am. Call continues.

Tostee:“I don’t know, like I tackled her on my floor inside the building and I never forced her over the balcony.”

Father: “I am sure you wouldn’t, mate.”

Tostee: “I don’t know what the (expletive) happened, it is crazy. I swear to God I didn’t push her, I just chucked her out on the balcony and locked the door because she was beating me up.”

Father: “I’ll come over now, OK?”

3:29am. Call continues.

Tostee: “Hang on a sec. What the (expletive). What the (expletive) is this ... you know how I said there was something in my pocket. Well it is her phone in my pocket.”

Father: “Is it her phone?”

Tostee: “It is her phone, yeah ... Dad like what happened was we were drinking and we got into bed together then and after that she just kept drinking and she just kept like, I don’t know, she was just like beating me up. She thought it was funny or something and I was just like tackled her in the middle of my apartment and I said that it wasn’t funny anymore and blah blah blah.

Then when I let her go the last thing I remember was she was on the balcony and I don’t know if she jumped or what, I don’t know. It wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t my god damn fault.”