Welcome to Brisbane. Where no one is afraid to take the piss.


The G20 is happening this weekend and no one knows it better than the great people of Brisbane.

Police and other important people have been in preparation for over a year. But all Brisbanites know about G20 is that they got a day off for it.

Thanks, Obama.

To get people a bit more enthusiastic about the events of this weekend, G20 organisers made a ‘welcome to Brisbane’ video.

That didn’t go down too well with everyone who has ever lived in the city.

In classic Queenslander style, a group called Collective Noun have recreated the video and introduced visitors to the real Brisbane – from deadly aquatic life to Stefan’s random ‘sky needle’ and the beautiful brown shade of the Brisbane River.

It’s been viewed over 68,000 times. Of course.

If you’re from Brisbane, you’ll be able to relate to everything in this video. If you’re not, this shows you what the real Brisbane is like.

No bullshit.