There's something very wrong with these 'wedding' photos.

Now there’s a whole new way for you to limit your child’s dreams. On camera, for ever.

Can’t wait for your daughter to get married?

Desperate to see what she’s going to look like as a “blushing” bride?

No, us neither. But for those who are, you’re in luck.

One American photographer is offering ‘Future Bride’ photo shoots for your primary-school-aged daughters. But strangely, no groom shoots for your sons.

“These little ones… will be married in 20-25 years…. why not capture a look into the future—- and a lifetime keepsake,” the photographer Season Polsin explained on Facebook.

One of the children photographed to look like a bride. Image via All Season’s Facebook.

Wisconsin photographer Polsin has since removed the package, but not before several of the pictures were shared online.

Another child bride, doing some researching into her impending wedding. Image via All Season’s Facebook.

This image was captioned – “Miss Voight for now… wonder what her last name will be in the future?”

“Wonder what her last name will be in the future?” Image via All Season’s Facebook.
“Sporting mommy’s ring.” Image via All Season’s Facebook.

Of course, the photographer wouldn’t have intended this photo package to be some gross encouragement of child brides but the images uncomfortable to look at all the same.

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Mostly because photoshoots like these are a blatant promotion of the idea that ‘wife’ is a description that is in every little girl’s future, and that a wedding day is as about as far as we should let little girls’ imaginations stretch.

“This aspiration or dream is packaged up in air-brushed photos that are shot through soft lenses and appeals to girls who like dressing up and pretending to be little princesses. This photo shoot service pushes that dream further by relying on the never ending draw of beautiful brides and ‘it’ being the best day of your life,” blogger Jane Chelliah wrote. 

“How many more years, decades, centuries will it take before young girls are seen as future astronauts, politicians or policewomen?

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Our suggestion for aspirational photo-shoots? How about ‘Future CEO’ or ‘Future Nobel Prize Winner’?

What do you think – do you see any problem with photographers offering ‘Future Bride’ photo-shoots to little girls?