Hilarious wedding invitations coming to a mail box near you.

Would you send these out for your special day?

People get so wrapped up in weddings these days.

It all starts from planning what invitations you’re going to send out to the guests (after you’ve gone through the painstaking process of choosing who to invite) and ends at what piece of twine you’re going to wrap around your take home gifts.

A lot of people put way too much pressure on the small piece of paper that’s going to make its way through snail mail into the post boxes of your nearest and dearest.

But there seems to be a new trend creeping its way in to the wedding invite industry – that’s taking some of the pressure off the sequinned paper.

The new trend about to hit the snail mail wedding trend is injecting some funny in to the beginning of your wedding journey.

The invites about to land in your post box are quirky, random and completely left of field. From old school photos, to your dogs inviting guests on behalf of you, SCROLL THROUGH to see what people are sending out

Would you want any of these as your wedding invite?

Want more? Try:

“The wedding RSVP guaranteed to infuriate your guests.”

 “The most outrageous wedding invitation you’ll ever see.”

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