Savannah made a terrible PowerPoint presentation for her Tinder profile, and it's gone viral.

Hello world,

This is Savannah.

first time at legends, became the legend. ???? @mrm.318

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Savannah is my spirit animal, nay, she is the single greatest thing to ever happen to online dating and the world wide webs.

Savannah is a 22-year-old university student from Austin, Texas. Savannah is also a Tinder user.

Possibly the best Tinder user the world has ever seen.

You see, Savannah’s Tinder profile went viral this week when Reddit user, TheLeapingGoat, matched with her and shared screenshots of said profile.

Savannah had, well, she’d made a lil’ presentation about herself and it’s possibly the best presentation I’ve ever seen.

funny tinder profile
Definitely swiping right. Image via Reddit.

Savannah has a large sock collection, likes to wear hats, and once fought a dinosaur and won.

funny tinder profile
The dinosaur in question. Image via Reddit.

She spends most of her time drinking whiskey and crying. She also enjoys listening to pet sounds and having an existential crisis.

funny tinder profile
Sometimes she just looks at this chart. Image via Reddit.

She has five cats and two dogs and also likes memes.

funny tinder profile
She also likes memes which is important. Image via Reddit.

Savannah has a radio show and is in a band called 'Hot Dad Calendar' which I would like to see (the band and the calendar).

funny tinder profile
Hot dads pls. Image via Reddit.

Savannah finished off her preso by saying she's "mediocre at a variety of things" and "socially terrible" and SAME.

funny tinder profile
She'll probably disappoint you but... this presentation tho. Image via Reddit.

Um... Savannah for president pls.

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